Urzila Carlson joins Masked Singer panel

Urzila Carlson has been confirmed as joining The Masked Singer‘s panel, replacing Lindsay Lohan who was unable to return due to travel restrictions.

The NZ-based comedian joins Jackie O, Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue for the hit series produced by Warner Bros. Australia.

Host Osher Günsberg said: “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Urzila into the bonkers world of The Masked Singer Australia. She is an absolute crack up, and will fit right in as the panel tries to guess who is who!”

Carlson said: “Being on The Masked Singer Australia is very exciting – it’s not something I thought I would ever do, but when I got the call to say ‘Lindsay can’t make it because of Cyrus The Virus, could you step in?’, I immediately said yes.

“I’m pumped to do the show, but I’m also upset that Lindsay can’t be the other panelist. But for anyone who is at home and angry, think about this – I have to wear her wardrobe because they’ve already spent the money, so they are just putting in a few clips for me. Spare a thought for me, and tune in just for that, and the amazing talent under the masks!”

Earlier this week Dannii Minogue drew headlines around her self-isolation in Queensland, but 10 has confirmed production is proceeding in Melbourne.

Airdates are yet to be announced.


  1. Im so sad lindsay isnt on this season but Urzula is an awesome choice! Im very happy! I hope next year we have 5 of them and lilo comes back

  2. italianguy1987

    Great choice! Love her and she’s always so funny. As she has appeared on aussie tv for some time she’ll be able to guess the singers more accurately. She’ll be a great addition to the show!

    • I totally disagree. She’s funny, quirky and fantastic on HYBPA. I for one am way more inclined to watch now that she’s on the panel.

      • I do not think she is funny at all. Same as Rebel Wilson they are just one note comedians. Sorry. I think it would have been nice to have another male on the panel.

        • I have to agree with you, maxxdude. She’s likeable enough, sure (as is Rebel Wilson), unlike most of the intolerable “Roving Enterprises” lot, but she isn’t particularly funny. Ironically, this would probably be a better fit for her than the likea of HYBPA.

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