Yasmin not yet married

Star of short-lived 2006 show gives an update on her single life.

Yasmin Dale, who starred in the short-lived Yasmin’s Getting Married series in 2006, has given an update on her single status in an interview with Stellar magazine.

She has previously said she had not married and indicated the same today, but also says she is very happy, thanks.

Yasmin’s Getting Married last just 4 episodes, axed due to low ratings. The 10 reality series, based on a Scandinavian format, was due to finish with a wedding for the young recruitment manager. The series was originally promoted as Rene’s Getting Married.

“Apparently Rene found love at the eleventh hour and decided to pull out,” Dale explained. “I had literally 24 hours to make up my mind on whether I wanted to do it before we had to get going with pre-production.”

After it was cancelled 10 offered to foot the bill if Yasmin ever did have her wedding day.

Dale, now 43, is a mother to daughter Millie, 7, and still works in recruitment and is in a happy relationship.

And she’s never seen the original show.

A girlfriend tried to record it for her – since Dale was still filming as it aired – but she says, “We found out her machine didn’t tape the episodes! And there is nothing on YouTube apart from the ads. I would love to see it and show my daughter.”

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  1. The Ronnie Johns Half Hour also did a goofy skit called Yasmin’s Getting Turkey Slapped which merely dubbed over the orignal ads. It never went to air though (presumably at 10’s behest) but is still on YouTube.

  2. Surely she’s the most talked about failed reality tv contestant of all time? Still being written about after about 2 hours of actual screen time more than a decade ago!

  3. Brought back memories of the joke David Tench made on David Tench Tonight not long after this show got axed about Channel Ten’s love for mini-series, like Yasmin’s Getting Married. And I didn’t know it has basically vanished without a trace of any of the episodes that went to air.

  4. I remember before the premiere, there were billboards all over Westfield Marion promoting this show then they aired four episodes then all of a sudden it was swiftly replaced with Futurama!

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