Friday Flashback: Yasmin’s Getting Married

Before there was Married at First Sight, before The Bachelor there was Yasmin’s Getting Married, a short-lived 10 series in which 29-year-old recruitment manager, Yasmin Dale, was on a quest to find a partner and wed them on air.

But the series failed to fire and was yanked after just 4 episodes on air.

Originally the plan was Rene’s Getting Married with another aspiring bride, but she cancelled just two weeks from its premiere.

Poor Yasmin was told by 10 if she ever got married the network would foot the bill.

In 2014 she told Nine, “I was devastated, completely. I was very disappointed.

“I felt a mixture of emotions: a combination of being embarrassed and disappointed and humiliated to a degree, because ultimately my intentions were to meet someone and it didn’t work out and it was so public and so in the spotlight.

“It was just cut, gone, see you later (but) I didn’t feel that any of them any was even potential boyfriend level anyway.”

At the time she added, “I’m actually a mum now, so I bypassed the marriage.

“Tradition and Yasmin don’t go in the same sentence.

“I am dating someone, not her father … I don’t know if I’ll ever get married.

“I’ve given up on the idea.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


    • Even after 13.5 years (and 9.5 years since the quoted article) I *still* remember it being about 270,000 or so, *maybe* in the 300K zone (perhaps David can confirm?). The TV forums I used to frequent back the have since been wiped out of existence, otherwise I would clarify for myself, but I recall the ratings being horribly low by 2006 standards.

      I don’t believe for a minute that the show’s ratings had only dropped to 510,000 by Friday. Wasn’t The Hothouse hovering around that range (500-700K) and yet TEN persisted with it to the bitter end.

  1. This brought back memories of a joke about this show that David Tench made on David Tench Tonight (another show that is best forgotten), in which he mentioned that Ten loves their mini-series, like Yasmin’s Getting Married. Meant for five nights a week for nine weeks, it only lasted four episodes over one week.

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