After 10 cuts, Tim Bailey takes a break.

Hopefully a proper send-off is still coming for one 10 network veteran.

The very boisterous Tim Bailey may not have appeared on 10 News First last night but chatter that he has departed 10 without a proper send-off are hopefully not correct.

A 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Tim is taking a break for the rest of this week and is on leave next week. His leave next week has been planned for some time.

“Tim has been a valuable member of the 10 team for many years. He and 10 are in discussions about when he will leave the network.”

Bailey is veteran of 10, having first joined the network in 1990 as a reporter on Good Morning Australia before becoming a host and presenter on Totally Wild, and his own early morning program The Big Breakfast, amongst other roles. He has been a most memorable weather presenter since 1996.

After news of a redundancy yesterday he retweeted:

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  1. I hope for the sake of Tim someone is checking on his mental health on a regular basis? I wonder if the news has gutted him after watching the anchors rotate around him for years and of course listening to all the doom and groom that is 2020 being presented across the studio, and needed to escape.

    Similarly, Mike Larkin must have got some early word late last week about the changes before his unusual appearance on the national bulletin over the weekend (thanks Jason).

    I have watched bits on 10 Play, its very uncomfortable viewing compared to his usual “larrikin” style, stumbling over his script, flat deliivery & he tried to insert terrible generic information about seasons as bookends. His the usual cold night suggestion of “Put your EB on 3” for Launceston nearly killed him when he realised interstate viewers wouldn’t get his electric blanket lingo. Hopefully someone has the…

    1. Hopefully someone has the footage from the weekend they can slice up for Youtube. The timing of the mid bulletin headlines versus graphics was also well off one night.

      Poor Mike treated with no respect after 36 years doing the weather for the network in both Canberra (1984 – 1995) and then Melbourne.

      Done so much for the community blended in the cross (from school visits, to “Give a Dog a home”, community event plugs, “Mikes Weather Pics”, “Pets in Isolation”, dad jokes, mentioning news from interstate that had no room for the Melbourne bulletin (such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show being cancelled) and even as simple as sitting in front of fireplaces to plug dozens of local pubs and restaurants over the cold & dark winter). Those isolated and home-bound people would get a huge kick out of his daily on location reports too.

      OAM is the mail.

      Josh Holt from Brisbane meanwhile…

  2. I think he would find it very tough to front the cameras again….that would not be an easy gig….Horrible way to end 28yrs fabulous years….How many charity gigs has he done during the weather segment…many of those will miss him also…
    No offense to the young lady…but their weather in now very bland and generic.
    I will watch Sandra Sully (must be difficult for her also)…and will go over to 9 News at 5 to 6.

  3. No matter what type of day you had, seeing the daily Bailey at the end of the news was always a highlight. Always so passionate and a real joy to watch. I hope he will be telling us about the “Drip drops across rooftops and crops” somewhere soon

  4. Look this obsession with meteorologists doing the weather is becoming tiresome. Here’s a guy who just presented the same set of facts, with interest and passion. It’s not like meteorologists get it right all the time either – an inexact science with often way off predictions. If they were surgeons…..
    Getting rid of Tim smacks of an agenda – some out of touch manager ticking a few boxes. Just like when they thought mixing a few music acts into their last election coverage would be a winner. Didn’t that work out so well for them…

  5. I feel sad for all those affected at 10. Once upon a time I’d only watch 10 News with Ron Wilson, Jessica Rowe, Tim Webster and Tim Bailey. It was a rock-solid foursome. They’d present the News without any political persuasion. I recall many in the industry thought no one would watch 10 News beginning at 5. Gee were they wrong. Then some bozo started tinkering with a winning formula. Clearly, they never heard the saying, “If it aint’ broke, don’t fix it.” Was it Tim Bailey who introduced viewers photographs as part of the weather report? Others of course followed suit. I wish nothing but the best for their futures.

  6. Not meaning to age him, but I remember seeing Tim Bailey on the news as a kid. We didn’t get Ten for a long time and when we did, I remember I saw him on the news before The Simpsons. Such a delight with the weather and loved his interactions with the presenters, especially Sandra Sully and Ron Wilson. I really hope he does get the farewell he deserves. This is truly a case of you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone….I think we always thought he’d just be there.

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