Airdate: The Accident

Next week ABC premieres Welsh drama The Accident starring the always-watchable Sarah Lancashire and Joanna Scanlan.

This explores a fictional Welsh community’s fight for justice after an explosion on a construction site, which killed several local children.

This is a 4 part drama written by Jack Thorne (National Treasure, His Dark Materials, The Virtues) which screened in Britain last October.

Polly Bevan is a devoted mother and loyal wife to local politician and leader of Glyngolau Council, Iwan. Disaster strikes their town when a construction site collapses, killing a group of children. Polly’s daughter survives.

9:30pm Friday, September 4 on ABC.


  1. Glass Portcullis

    I’m a long-time fan of Jack Thorne and this is exceptionally difficult to watch — for all the right reasons.

    I would watch again.

  2. I’m sure this will be great… and I enjoy most UK dramas, thrillers & cop shows.

    But I’m kinda getting over what is becoming a trope in what feels like every 2nd one of them; kids dying!

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