Australian Ninja Warrior: State of Origin: meet the teams

20 Ninjas will discard their character attire and represent their states in Australian Ninja Warrior: State of Origin screening next Sunday and Monday on Nine.

Teams from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia take on nine obstacles with $100,000 in prizemoney on offer.

The Power Tower is back at the end of each night, with hosts Rebecca Maddern, Ben Fordham and Shane Crawford returning.

“Just you wait until you see this special,” says Maddern. “Ninja Origin will blow your mind as the best team wins.”

While there are plenty of 2020 Grand Finalists back in play, not appearing are Matthew Bowles (WA), Alex Matthews (WA) and Mike Snow (Vic).

Victoria (pictured top)
A team built for speed. There’s multi-grand finalist Ashlin Herbert; dual grand finalist and one of three Ninjas to reach the top of Mount Midoriyama this week, Zak Stolz. The 2018 and 2019 semi-finalist Mel Armstrong, and 2019’s furthest-fastest, Charlie Robbins, who missed out this week on becoming the first Australian Ninja Warrior by one second.

Western Australia
A quartet with 11 grand final appearances between them, led by Ben Polson, Australia’s first ever Ninja Warrior. Plus the most successful female Ninja, Olivia Vivian, four-time grand finalist Sam Goodall, and rock climber and dual grand finalist, Zed Colback.

Two previous series furthest-fastest Ninjas, Rob Patterson and Fred Dorrington. Plus circus performer Skye Haddy, one of only eight women to make the semi-finals in the latest season of ANW, and Ryan Solomon, a three-time ANW grand finalist.

South Australia
This team of underdogs really pack a punch. Dual semi-finalist and rock climber Rapheala Wiget, free spirit and 2020 semi-finalist Rhys Menzel, newcomer Jarryd Sutton, who reached the semi-finals in 2020, and two-time grand finalist, Nathan Ryles.

New South Wales
A team of champions from other codes who have turned their athletic skills to Australian Ninja Warrior. Rock climber, three-time ANW grand finalist and Australia versus the World competitor Bryson Klein. State gymnast Jordan Papandrea, who has never failed to make a Ninja Warrior grand final. Loki Kuroi, a professional-class drift racer. And former NRL player and two-time semi-finalist Eloni Vunakece.

7pm Sunday and 7:30pm Monday on Nine.


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