Family Feud struggles, Vera beats Lindy Tapes, 60 Mins.

Ratings: Ninja Warrior & Farmer battle it out, leaving 10 game show on the mat.

Last night it was a close battle at 7pm between Nine’s Ninja Warrior and Seven’s Farmer, while ABC’s Vera took the lead after 8:30pm. Meanwhile 10 struggled with the return of Family Feud.

Australian Ninja Warrior: State of Origin won its slot at 877,000, just ahead of Farmer Wants a Wife (853,000) then Shetland (624,000), Family Feud (330,000) and Egypt’s Lost Pyramid (231,000).

Later Vera won its slot with 658,000 ahead of Seven News Spotlight: The Lindy Tapes (574,000) and 60 Minutes (486,000).

Seven network won Sunday with 29.6% then Nine 27.9%, ABC 19.0%, 10 13.7% and SBS 9.8%.

Seven News (1.16m) was #1 for Seven. Between Two Worlds disappointed on 171,000.

Nine News (1.06m) was best for Nine with a late edition drawing 257,000.

ABC News was 770,000 for ABC. Compass (202,000) and The Sound (96,000).

The Sunday Project drew 471,000 / 315,000. 10 News First was 296,000 / 229,000 and FBI trailed SBS at just 157,000 / 154,000 .

On SBS it was Anne: The Princess Royal at 70 (239,000), SBS World News (214,000) and Albert: The Power Behind Victoria (116,000).

Technically Offsiders led multichannels at 173,000 on ABC News but in reality it was another Victorian press conference.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 16 August 2020

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  1. Watched Family Feud on tenplay, thought it be like the celebrity hour version they did before when Family Feud was originally on, but it seemed more like two half-hour episodes put together. Don’t know why they decided to design it this way, especially if it’s meant to be watched in one go. So I just watched the first half of it on one night and then continued the other half of it on the other night.
    Which is how I’d rather watch it on tenplay, than watch the whole thing in one go.

  2. I forgot Family Feud was on otherwise I would have watched it. I enjoy Vera as i always have done. I guess the real ratings for some shows will show up better after the replays are counted. Maybe they should be said to be temporary overnight ratings.

  3. Ten’s got fires all over its schedule right now, with Family Feud failing to launch ( and about to get run-over by The Block’s return ) , weak numbers for The Bachelor in Paradise, much lower launch numbers for The Masked Singer, and the unpopular ” re-boot ” of The Living Room – jeez on Friday night they were doing a big makeover on a house worth $3 million already …Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what good works the family do – in TV perception is everything – and this just looks bad. I wonder how Ten justify the 4 hosts big network salaries while the News division is slashing and burning good people ?

    1. What have they done to The Living Room? We really liked it before but now it’s just a mess. It seems that someone at TEN decided it was “skewing too old” and is trying to get the millennials. Now it’s not skewing to anybody.

  4. I think the numbers for The Lindy Tapes are what they are, due to people remembering that they were dudded with the 7 News program “Murder in the Outback” which promised new evidence but offered little and thinking this program would do the same. Meanwhile on The Sunday Project, the interview with Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton offered little and turned out to be a promo for an upcoming documentary.

  5. I saw in one of the tv guides that FF was originally going to be on Tuesday with Masked Singer on Sunday – this would have been a better choice, in my opinion. I ended up watching Pay TV because I have no interest in the other two reality offerings – Sunday night is usually the ‘supreme’ tv night, Ten dropped the ball on that one…

  6. I really enjoyed Family Feud last night, but those numbers are similar to when they were on at 6PM. Hopefully it picks up next Sunday when there’s no Ninja Warrior on. I think people also didn’t know it was on, if you didn’t watch 10 this week you wouldn’t of known.

    1. It will be up against The Block……..unlikely unfortunately for Family Feud to recover, but maybe after viewer fatigue of MKR & House Rules, the same fate may happen to The Block….as much as I don’t want more job losses, the bitchy drama from recent seasons is not what we need on tv right now. Imagine if The Block was retooled and was feel good TV like MasterChef

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