“I’m Andrew Geoghegan, thanks for watching”

ABC News presenter has signed off after 18 years, following ABC redundancy.

Another longtime ABC presenter has signed off after 18 years with the broadcaster.

Andrew Geoghegan this morning farewelled viewers on the ABC News channel, another to depart due to ABC redundancies.

“That is ABC News for now -and for me, it’s farewell,” he said.

“This has been a year of upheaval and the pandemic has only accelerated the hollowing out of the media industry and journalism in particular. Newsrooms across the country are losing vast amounts of experience and that doesn’t bode well for a strong and independent media sector -one needs to be well-funded.

“So please keep watching, listening and reading trusted news sources because quality journalism depends on your support.

Geoghegan has worked on The 7.30 Report, Lateline, Inside Business and ABC Radio programs AM, PM and The World Today. As a foreign correspondent in Asia, Africa and the UK, he covered some of the world’s major news events, and in Australia he has worked at every commercial television network and SBS.

He has also worked as a journalist in Europe and Asia covering some of the world’s major news events and hosted a television finance program for Bloomberg Television.

“Thanks to all the teams here I’ve worked with over past two decades and thanks to my beautiful wife and kids. And thanks for your support. It has been an absolute pleasure to bring you the news from here and around the world. I’m Andrew Geoghegan, thanks for watching,” he said.

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  1. That’s a shame he has left the ABC. He acquitted himself with great dignity on air and a warm intelligence in his role. I wonder if his was voluntary, as I would have expected management to regard and value his presence. Perhaps it was mutual. Andrew is still young with lots to offer

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