“It’s not just the people in the headlines”

Studio 10 this morning addressed the round of cuts to 10 and their show

Confirmed departures include Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Natarsha Belling. Joe Hildebrand is in discussions with 10, but it is believed these are for another role within the network. It isn’t clear if showbiz contributor Craig Bennett is remaining in his role.

10 is yet to confirm total numbers impacted but there are rumours it is some 25 staff, around half of whom are presenters.

Here is a transcript of this morning’s discussion:

Sarah Harris:

It has been a huge 24 hours here at 10. By now you’ve probably read all about the cuts that have had to be made here at the network. And it’s all true. In a few weeks time, Studio 10 our little show will look very different to what it does now. It was a pretty hard news to cop yesterday. We’re losing colleagues. We’re losing mates. We’re losing family members, essentially. How is everyone feeling this morning?

“I just know I’m back on the Lazy Susan of television.”

Kerri-Anne Kennerley:
“I just know I’m back on the Lazy Susan of television. It’s very, very tough for a lot of people. But I’ve always worked on a personal level (with) the Charles Darwin theory that says to survive, you don’t have to be the most intelligent, you don’t have to be the strongest, but you have to be, to survive, the most adaptable. My life theory is that. I’ve got to say, I’m sort of so grateful that a little while ago, you invited me on the program because I have had such a good time with all my new friends. And I don’t say that lightly because you’ve all been so delightful, so charming and so generous. That’s the whole production staff. Everybody…. I’ve had a ball. But the reason I’ve got this outfit on today is because if you are being run out of town, get in front of the parade, or get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade!

“But let’s face it. We’ve got to get down to logic here. It is what it is. It’s not the first time, unfortunately, companies do these sort of cuts to make the business better, which in the long run saves a lot more jobs. So I do not say it lightly…. I am very, very sad because I will miss you guys and miss the audience, miss the feedback. But that’s it, it is what it is you just have to suck it up, move on.”

Joe Hildebrand:
“It is it is awful. We’ve been saying for a long time that this this economic crisis that’s been brought on is going to affect so many people. I guess it wouldn’t be fair if it didn’t affect us as well. But I just do feel so bad for some of the other people around the country, who are losing their jobs. People behind the scenes who weren’t in all those news reports.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with me.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with me. We’re still talking about it. But yeah, it’s been amazing seven years. I remember when it was just me and Ita, before there even was a Studio 10 it, before it even had a name. It’s been an extraordinary run. All the people and -not just at 10- but all the millions of people who have been smashed, the pilots who are now stacking supermarket shelves, the casual workers who have been left in the Centrelink queues… it’s awful to think how many people are affected by this. And again, people who think that economies are just economies… they’re people and people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake when they’re handling this crisis. So I’d encourage all governments of all colours, to keep that in mind.”

“A lot of people who have a really long history here… part of the DNA”

Angela Bishop:
“As you say Joe, it’s not just the people who we saw the headlines in the papers, it’s operations teams, it’s people… camera crews, studio crews in other states and a lot of people who have a really long history here, at Network 10 who are part of the DNA if you like. It’s been an incredibly tough 24 hours which has seen, I think, everyone here really embracing our colleagues and making sure we take care of one another.”

“It’s been gut wrenching to hear the news.”

Sarah Harris:
“The dust is certainly still settling here. We will keep you updated on what’s going on when we know, because I think what we’ve been good at right throughout this show and from it’s very inception is being authentic and honest with you at home and keeping you in the loop. We’re all just so heartbroken for our friends. It’s been gut wrenching to hear the news. It is a shocking, shocking economic reality that we’re facing at the moment. If 2020 was a Yelp review, it would read ‘Zero stars, would not recommend.’ But for the next few weeks, we are staying the same.”

Kerri-Anne Kennerley:
“Whatever the audience needs… and all those people especially Victoria in the lockdown, you’re sitting there going crazy. We just want to put a bit of light and shade into your day and everybody around the country who’s doing it tough… the jobs that have been lost. It unfortunately, probably is not the end. But let’s just hold hands and take a deep breath.”

“It probably is going to get pretty loose in the next few weeks!”

Sarah Harris:
“We’re with you and I can promise you it probably is going to get pretty loose in the next few weeks! We will do proper send-offs and all that sort of stuff but, but for now we’re just going to put our heads down and plug in and bring you the best possible show we can because you deserve it at home and we really thank you for being on this journey with us.”


  1. Maev....Sydney

    ‘ But the reason I’ve got this outfit on today is because if you are being run out of town, get in front of the parade, or get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade!’
    Bless KAK….she is a survivor….and her indomitable spirit is why/

  2. I like Craig Bennett but never understood why he was there when Angela Bishop was 10’s entertainment reporter for years.
    I really hope they keep a male perspective on the panel whether it is Joe or someone else.

  3. Its a shame about Joe as he is funny and intelligent. I don’t think I will be watching Studio Ten as much anymore. Joe was a great co host. Now there will be too many women. Nor a big fan of Angela Bishop or Narelda. Angela needs to go back on the road and Narelda needs to stick to reading the news.

    • harrypotter1994

      10 is excellent at building rapport of their co hosts and then tearing it down later see The Circle and Studio 10 as prime examples.

  4. Hard to see the show surviving without Joe Hildebrand. Sure, nobody is irreplaceable, but the rapport between the hosts is one of the attractions and Narelda Jacobs hasn’t been a good fit on the couch. She needs to just stick to the newsreading

  5. Joe would be good as a 4th panelist on The Project. There is word of the new version Studio 10 featuring guests to discuss topics alongside 2 regular hosts. Maybe he could fulfill that role as well even if he’s not on the show everyday. That could prove a good opportunity to bring back Ita and Jess as well.

      • I meant for short segments once a week. Not to co host the show. She did that type of thing for Nine after leaving Studio 10. But that was before she joined the ABC. You are probably right to say her ABC role may limit her ability to appear on 10 at least in a regular capacity, though she has appeared on Studio 10 this year.

  6. Channel 10 need better management, They build themselves up and tear themselves down. Why keep Ding Dong and Denise Scott and ditch Kerri-Anne?

      • but surely sacrificing the Denises to Keep KAK would be a better move, even cull Hilderbrand to keep KAK, She is not only a senior member of TV but a hall of famer, and I believe the only one on TV currently. She has connections to big names. Seems like a cut of your noise to spite your face scenario here.

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