Mark Philippoussis unmasked as the Echidna

Mark Philippoussis is the first performer unmasked in The Masked Singer.

The tennis champ was unmasked as the Echidna after a rendition of George Michael’s Faith failed to secure him another chance in 10’s returning singing show.

He was successfully pinpointed by panellist Jackie O after clues around “all the sets” and a broken surf board.

“I was bummed. I’m gonna be honest, I am competitive,” he said. “Who doesn’t love to sing? I love music, it was an incredible adventure.”

Last night the show was trending at #1 on social media as viewers loved to join in the guessing fun.

Six other acts will make their debut tonight: Bushranger, Wizard, Sloth, Hammerhead, Cactus and Kitten.

7:30pm tonight on 10.


  1. Look I watched it because I just wanted to watch something to enjoy. I did enjoy it but my problem is I just want to know who is under the mask.

    Can I just say the crew dressed up as teddy bears, and gingerbread men were just adorable.

  2. I’ve got to admit I’m disappointed with The Masked Singer. Maybe its a case of second series blues or laziness, but it seemed like it was riding on the coattails of last years ratings triumph. Dave seemed bored, Jackie tired, Urzila Carlson confused with Dannii picking up the slack. Lackluster, forced and unfunny.

  3. There was an interview done with Tim Chappel who said there was a whole bunch of t-shirts made for the Echidna. I would have loved to have seen some of them.

  4. Did anyone else think that the vocals were a bit low in the mix and the canned audience was way too loud? All in all a fun show, though. Very much welcomed in these desolate times.

    • There wasn’t a canned audience, the crew was the audience dressed up in masks plus the voting panel that was shown at one point on the screens.

      • Pretty sure most of the audience sounds were canned. You can hear masses of clapping yet the majority of the studio audience seem to be dressed up in animal suits and so forth and so the fluffy padding on their hands would not be making the sound a naked hand makes when it claps. Also all the cheering sounds like it is coming from a bigger audience but there doesn’t seem to be that many in the studio audience.

  5. From the tweets I read last night, I think most people have already figured out who everyone is. It will be fun to see how many people get right.

    It’s great to have something fun and silly on TV this is literally the show we need right now

  6. Poo was a good sport, surprised he would sign up, he’s become a more reserved type since his last foray into reality tv. It was a god episode, Loved Urzila.

    My main complaint tho is Osher is not the right host. its a format that warrants a bold host choice with a big personality. Maybe Joel Creasy. Osher is very vanilla and overexposed.

  7. Love The Masked Singer. And I’m loving Urzila and her crazy guesses too. Very funny to watch. And I really liked Echidna too and I really like Mark’s singing too.

  8. I recommend watching this show on timeshift. After the first act’s ridiculous guesses, it was great to FF through the judges comments and guesses throughout. We are never going to get the international names they guess, there might be slightly higher profile guests this season, but this show surely goes into pre-production quite early on to secure the performers and create their made-to-measure costumes. Plus with Covid restrictions, nobody would want to fly into Melbourne of all places right now even if they can get through customs and quarantine.

    • As the echidna was The Poo then puppet isn’t Mark Holden as there wouldn’t be celebrities with the same first name. I thought Lleyton Hewitt.

  9. carolemorrissey

    Oh no I love echidnas. I was rooting for him to win. I got so excited when I saw there was an echidna. I only watched some of it last night as I was watching Ninja warrior. Damn damn damn not happy. So that stupid goldfish beat him? Gah

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