Ninja, Farmer crush Bachelor in Paradise finale

10 may have to rethink its Bachelor in Paradise series after a season that limped to the finish line. Originally due to screen in April, the finale averaged just 414,000 viewers, rising to 480,000 for the “final decision” -down on last year’s finale despite a city in curfew. 10 takes comfort from its 16-39 demos where it usually won, although it was second last night.

In part one of its grand final Australian Ninja Warrior drew 1.1m (although promos which had suggested a winner never mentioned that would be tonight). Next were Farmer Wants a Wife  -up on last week- at 814,000 and Shetland (609,000).

Later Vera won its slot wth 696,000 then 60 Minutes (613,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 32.6%, Seven 26.3%, ABC 18.7%, 10 14.0% and SBS 8.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.27m. Despite a schedule shuffle Seven News presents: Anita Cobby (297,000) could barely improve on last week’s Between Two Worlds, which this week had to settle for 171,000 in a later slot.

Nine News (1.14m) was best for Nine with a late edition also drawing 280,000.

ABC News was 780,000. Compass (188,000) and The Sound (99,000) followed.

The Sunday Project pulled 439,000 / 344,000 for 10. 10 News First (312,000 / 242,000) and FBI (197,000 / 151,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (233,000) and 9/11: 102 Minutes That Changed America (186,000), America’s Great Divide: Obama To Trump was just 109,000.

Although Offsiders led multichannels on ABC News at 203,000 it was actually another Daniel Andrews press conference.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 9 August 2020


  1. The Obama to Trump doco was an interesting recap of appalling behavior but stopped at the start of impeachment proceedings-nothing at all of this year’s events and therefore out of date for a 2020 copywrite program-also an odd choice to show the 11 September doco a month before the 19th anniversary.

  2. Season 4 of Ninja Warrior is undoubtedly the best so far and I think using Shane Crawford in place of Freddy Flintoff is a bonus. Looking forward to the grand final tonight.

  3. Tens word on BIP
    #1 in timeslot for under 50’s, 25-54 and 16-39
    Biggest ever BVOD Series Audience up 5% on 2019
    #No 1 show on BVOD
    874,000 Nationally up 5% Year on Year (No idea if this number is for finale only or average across season,, guessing finale number)

    • Roccosmodernishlife

      I’m not sure how Ten can claim a timeslot win when Ninja comfortably beat BIP in all 3 of those demos and Farmer beat BIP in P25-54?

      Surely Ten aren’t so desperate for a story that they’re claiming the ‘final decision’ as a timeslot victory? It was up against 60 Minutes and a repeat news special.

      • Yer. I scratch my head with some of the claims made by networks about some of shows winning demos when the ratings figures published show other wise .

    • This is why I don’t just republish network spin and stick to OzTAM. #1 in timeslot refers to The Final Decision (which you’ve left out) and is a segment of the show. That segment was also the “#1 show on-demand show on BVOD” not the full show. Neither the Finale nor the Final Decision managed 874k last night which were 528k / 639k in national numbers. Please post transparently with data as it is obviously confusing and requires me to cut through the spin. If in doubt shoot me a note, thanks.

  4. I gave up on BIP a few episodes a go. I’m very happy for Glen and Alicia, along with Mary and Connor, who are apparently still together. They seem to be very nice people and I wish them every success. There were other nice people on the show too, but there were just too many ‘instagram’ types and I lost interest. And then there’s horrible people like Kiera.

    I used to really enjoy this show, but it seems MAFS is influencing all dating shows these days and not in a good way.

  5. Would be more interested to see BIP’s ratings compared to Love Island’s.
    Both Live Broadcast and BVOD.
    Looks like BIP demolished Love Island in Live Broadcast ratings at least.

    • I haven’t compared full seasons (and don’t really plan to) but yes BiP finale higher on a Sunday then LI finale on a Thursday. Both were up against rival dating shows (Farmer / Bachelor) which would split audience.

  6. Last night’s FWAW was very heavily promoted for a dramatic twist. But I think they may have pushed their traditional audience too far. The format has been changed (in a way that many don’t like) and last night encouraged the women to drink too much, gossip in damaging ways, and generally destroy to feel-good vibe of previous seasons.

    It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

  7. Are the rating for BIP just further confirmation that FTA TV is not a place for young people or shows targeting young people. 10 put a lot of work into making shows for a younger demographic and they should be recognised for such, but as a rating strategy, it ain’t working.

  8. Guess Seven thought that Anita Cobby would be another Murder in the Outback with big numbers.May have to think the crime strategy angle in the future as it looks like Murder in the Outback numbers were just a one off

    • Or it’s probably more subject matter then documentaries themselves .
      Justice for bachie paradise , was more entertaining this year then most

    • Don’t forget Murder in the outback had a lot more advertising in the weeks before it was aired. Anita Corby didn’t. To be honest I still thought BTW was still on, forgot that it had changed.

      I watched Ninja live and then watched BiP after. BiP was really entertaining this year, better than last years season.

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