Oops. Wrong headlines on Nine News.

This may be a first….

Monday’s Nine News in Melbourne got off to a wobbly start as the bulletin began with the wrong headlines.

At the top of the bulletin Peter Hitchener told viewers about a non-essential business closures and supermarkets remaining open in Melbourne. But the vision indicated different stories around aged care and the daily death toll. These appeared to be headlines from last Monday.

Hitch quickly realised the error and held off reading any further voice-over, switching to papers and getting back on track by the time the opening theme had ended.

Nine told TV Tonight a production error was to blame.


  1. Wow. That’s unusual from a very tight unit. Normally there would be a read-through before the opener. Maybe there was. Oh well, am sure the standard procedure of deleting on-air servers will now occur daily 🙂

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