Sarah, Ange, Narelda safe in Studio 10 upheaval

There’s continued speculation around about how changes at 10 will impact at Studio 10, including whether the show will drop down to two presenters.

Medianet even stated it as fact today, but 10 isn’t confirming that chatter. Lock in Sarah Harris as one half of the equation, given she is the centre of this universe.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Natarsha Belling were made part of the cuts last week, with Joe Hildebrand in discussion about a different role, possibly elsewhere in the network.

Angela Bishop will remain with the show, although it isn’t clear in what capacity, while Narelda Jacobs will be news presenter. Both make other appearances across 10 News, which has doubtless helped them avoid redundancy. Jono Coleman is also remaining for advertorials. Less clear is showbiz contributor Craig Bennett.

A Network 10 spokesperson: “Studio 10 will continue to air weekdays from 8.00am to 12.00pm. Sarah Harris and Angela Bishop will remain an integral part of the Studio 10 team. Denise Drysdale, Denise Scott and other regulars will continue as special contributors. Narelda Jacobs will present the news in Studio 10.”

Changes, whatever they entail, are expected to take effect next month.



  1. Have appreciated Studio 10 since day one. When at home, am an avid viewer. The panel and guest panellists and lively conversation was a great point of difference from the other morning shows. Admittedly, in recent times it has lost its mojo. But the sacking of Natarsha Belling is dumbfounding. She is a most talented newsreader, and one with a sense of humour. Sarah Harris is a star. Agree with P. Newton, Angela and Narelda are very weak. Narelda mumbles and is, at most, a very average panellist. Kerri-Anne added old time spark. Craig Bennet has a unique and amusing delivery and his interviews are excellent. Joe and Denise Drysdale and Denise Scott are part of the show’s fabric. Am concerned by these changes.

      • I read today that 10 News sometimes beats 9 News in Perth not sure if that happens in any other city. In that case they’d be mad to risk tossing that away by broadcasting a delayed bulletin. Also given WA is the most open of any state surely advertising there will recover faster than some other states.

        • That’s true. According to Monday 17th August ratings, 10 News beats 9 News. 10 would really need to adapt something in Perth to maintain their numbers.

    • Yes, at least she is from WA! I find it highly insulting to have news presented by people who don’t live here and have no idea of the suburbs they are talking about! Long live Rick & Sue!!

  2. My suspicions are that Studio 10 is eventually going to be cut in the same way that The Circle was cut. Ten channels we no doubt be loaded up with Viacom CBS back catalogue which includes Showtime content.

  3. I think Joe and Sarah are excellent together. Both are funny and intelligent. I think Narelda and angela are the weakest. I liked the fact that Studio Ten has a number of hosts.

  4. ∆bucklingNMS

    I suspect a “deal” with Sky News to broadcast on Ten for x number of hours a night (in exchange for the Sky News Ten channel) – QLD (regional?) skips first ½ hour of Studio 10 for WIN news.

    Given the history of brekkie ten news programs, they’ve lasted quite long, their CBS owners/overlords are relatively benign – or forgiving (I’ve looked into paying for the CBS stream service, but there’s not enough info for series/movies etc. to decide if it’s worth it – CBS owns heaps of content, but most doesn’t show up in their info).

    Vale KAK, Belling & all the Ten News team members losing their jobs – other former newsreaders, weather & sports people are in most channels free or pay in Australia/overseas.

    I do love live panel TV (Project not-so-much), hopefully two hosts with news banter format Studio 10 continues on Ten (wish for three/four, prob. not happening).

  5. I’m confused with how everyone talks about the “chemistry” on morning tv (eg the need to change hosts on Today) when I think Studio 10 hosts have “chemistry” by the truckload. Why wasn’t it moved to the breakfast tv slot while Today was wobbling in the ratings? It’s strange start time and nothing before it worth watching was never going to give it a chance to rate, sometimes I wonder if 10 execs actually watch the content they are airing at all or if they just don’t have the guts to back themselves and settle for reality reboots over and over again

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