Joe Hildebrand quits Network 10

Joe Hildebrand has announced his departure from Studio 10 and the network at large, after nearly 7 years.

Revealing his decision this morning he said management had generously offered him other roles but he had chosen to move on as the show restructures.

“We talked about it really openly and warmly about what that might look like, and they were really lovely about it so don’t lash out at them. But I just thought it’s probably just better to draw a line under this amazing little story I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, and and give the new show whatever it may look like, the chance to breathe and have a fresh start without me,” he said.

He fought back tears this morning as he announced the news.

“I love all you guys so much. I love you the audience as you know. I’m so sorry that you’re not here in the studio for me to be able to hug you and say goodbye in person, but you know how I feel about you. I speak to all the time. I love you. At home, I love the fact that we’re a show that sticks up for the little guy. I love the fact people often stare down their nose at daytime television, because it’s only watched by, pensioners at home or whatever, or housewives, they’re the people I love. They’re the battlers.”

He added, “It’s just been a wonderful seven years. I love you, Sarah. For the three people living under a rock who don’t know, Sarah is my best friend. My work wife. We’ve been through all this since the very beginning.

“I love all you guys.

“I love the crew, make-up girls. I finally got to become one of the girls!”

On Monday Studio 10 refreshes with Tristan MacManus joining Sarah Harris as co-host, with Angela Bishop, Narelda Jacobs, Denise Drysdale, Craig Bennett and Jono Coleman retained.



  1. Not surprised – don’t really have an opinion given I don’t watch it, but read his opinion piece on the Advertiser website (which is dated yesterday but I’m sure I read it earlier than that) called “Why Aussie TV will never change” – where he calls out how all the things that are wrong with various networks. It’s an interesting read – albeit hidden by their paywall, however after reading that, I get the feeling he’s a bit over all the crap going on behind-the-scenes… especially given Ten has been down this path of culling it’s news department before.

  2. It clearly wasn’t working in an overcrowded market but The best thing they could’ve done was moved it to lunchtime and reduce it to 2 hours max. I liked Joe, he was very corny in his humour but very genuine. It’s just a huge slap in the face for him to be told he’s being replaced when it was his baby. However generous they were, he would be feeling upset at Ten for doing this. I wonder if they offered him national weather presenter.

  3. I wasn’t a huge fan, but interested in what he had to say and started following him on Twitter one day. Ended up in a convo where I raised a couple of points to what Joe was saying, and got really attacked for it. Joe was really nice and private messaged me to check that I was okay.

    That right there showed me what a top bloke he is. He’s entitled to have different opinions, we all are. And he won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But in my view, he is a genuinely good guy.

  4. Interesting to see what is next lined up for Joe! I agree with the comments on here about him rubbing people up the wrong way. For me, Joe is suited as a ‘hot topics’ commentator instead of as a host. He is very knowledgeable however his long questions, lack of humour and inability to know when to stop was the reason I switched off when Jess and Ita left. If Studio 10 can find its original magic then I may tune back in but with the EP surviving the cut I have my doubts. Here’s hoping Tristan McManus can learn to present and host with warmth, heart and humour just like David Campbell or else the show won’t make it to Christmas.

  5. I value left and right opinions. We live in Australia not North Korea so we can voice our different views. However when those views become “we should run over Aussies who protest” they lose me. Spruking acts of violence even if its dressed up as tongue in cheek is not appropriate imo.
    I will now no longer avoid the show like the plague and head strait to YouTube when its refreshed.
    They need Jonno Coleman at the desk as well as pushing all those products. He is an Australian treasure we need to celebrate.

  6. I think Joe is one of those talents that is very different off camera to what he is like on camera. I don’t think he is great talent…pushing his opinions rather than just mentioning a point of view and his jokes are very lame (The audience don’t even laugh when there is one) But it is clear from his sign off that others and himself have a great connection off camera and he is a likeable and loving person. Wish him all the best.

  7. He is definitely a big talent. Would have to be in the mix if one of the Breakfast shows were looking for a new host. Sunrise should do what The Project and the old Steve Vizard Live use to do. Have 2 different hosts for the Friday version. Gives the 2 main hosts a rest and a fresh Friday look. Joe would be perfect.

  8. What I’ve always enjoyed about Studio 10 is that the hosts come across as very relatable and down to earth (even icons like Ita Buttrose and Denise Drysdale). Joe is at the core of that. I reckon he will pop up doing hot topics on Today or Sunrise.

  9. I’m devastated that Joe’s leaving. I love watching him on Studio 10 and he is very funny and fun to watch. But good luck to him with whatever he wants to do next.

  10. I’m curious to see what the commentary is like here. Joe is one of very few people who I just can’t tolerate for some reason, dating back to when he used to pop up on Sunrise, parroting the Murdoch tabloid’s lines of the day. I keep away from his pieces on and reach for the remote if he appears on my TV.

    • Whether we agree with Joe’s opinions or not we need those voices to be heard. I get a little annoyed when people spruik Joe is part of the Murdoch machine as though his words are simply the voice of Rupert. I could so easily sit here and say the ABC is a front for the left leaning, tree hugging, latte sipping brigade but I don’t. I like to hear different views. Sometimes I catch myself agreeing with those on the left while screaming obscenities at those on the right.

      • I totally agree with you, and I consume news from a variety of sources as well. Sometimes there are just people in the public eye who just rub you the wrong way. For better or worse, Joe is one of those for me.

    • to TV or not to TV

      Hey craigj, I’m like you and I can’t seem to tolerate Joe onscreen however unlike you I do read some of his opinion pieces (and they don’t always parrot Murdoch) on Whilst I don’t always agree with him, I like the way he crafts his arguments to get his point across.

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