Tristan MacManus to co-host Studio 10

Dancing with the Stars judge tangos to morning TV for 10.

Dancer Tristan MacManus has been confirmed as co-host of Studio 10, to join Sarah Harris from Monday September 14.

The Dancing with the Stars judge will helm what appears to be a dual host presentation, following cutbacks at the network.

Angela Bishop will cover entertainment news and Narelda Jacobs will be news presenter. Denise Drysdale, Jono Coleman and Craig Bennett will stay on as contributors.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Natarsha Belling will both depart this coming Friday, while 10 is still
in discussions with Joe Hildebrand about network roles.

“I’ve always had aspirations to be a host of some sort,” said MacManus.

“Although people know me as a dancer, I think my mouth usually works better than my feet do,” he said. “This opportunity came out of the blue and I’m really excited to be working with Sarah and learning from her.”

Tamara Simoneau, Executive Producer, said: “When searching for the right co-host to join Sarah at the helm of Studio 10 we wanted to think outside the box and choose someone who would help bring plenty of extra sunshine to morning TV at a time when it’s needed most. He’s charming, funny and fresh with a cheeky Irish side that he’s ready to share with Australia. He might even turn our studio into a dancefloor from time to time and we’re completely ok with that!”

Ross Dagan, Network Director Of News Content, said: “Tristan has performed all over the world for millions of fans and rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest stars, so we know he can handle four hours of live TV every day. You’ll still get the very latest news, information and entertainment, but in a way that reflects our rapidly changing lives. We all want to know what’s going on in the world, but we also need to escape it from time to time. The outstanding Studio 10 team will strive to strike that balance each and every hour.”

But the show also trails The Morning Show and Today Extra in the battle of morning television. The marathon Studio 10 is handicapped by having no strong lead-in, such as Sunrise or Today, following 10’s short-lived Wake-Up experiment.

10 is yet to confirm a third season of Dancing with the Stars.


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  1. Definitely good if less hosts talking over each other. While I think Joe is sometimes interesting to listen to (too much waffling), I won’t miss the stunned mullet camera stares which wore thin about 3 years ago. As for Kerri-Anne I can see her in a reboot of Can Of Worms or Beauty & The Beast (primetime) & have male & female panelists. And it would be good to see Ready Steady Cook back (also primetime). I’ll stick with Studio 10 as the others just don’t cut it for me.

    1. Ready Steady Cook in a primetime timeslot sounds like a great idea. It’s a good format. I think it would definitely work though the casting of the host is important to the show being likable and fun like Peter Everett or Ainsley Harriott in the UK version.

    2. I just read that Ready Steady Cook is being revived on BBC1 after being on hiatus since the end of the last season in 2010 in the UK. Beauty and the Beast is a good format as well. Because it was discussing letters about personal problems, it never got overly heated like news or political discussion, and the panellists were likable and diverse. Ita’s segment from Studio 10 ‘Ask Ita’ is somewhat reminiscent and is one of the more prominent segments from Studio 10.

  2. Interesting choice. Certainly cheaper than a well known presenter for the cash strapped network. Apparently he rehearsed very well. Nice to see 10 trying some new fresh talent
    Regarding a lead in. Sunrise stared years ago as a very basic news program. I thought 10 might try something basic given the studio 10 cutbacks at 7am

      1. Larry Emdur is in fact a journalist trained in the days of “cadet” grading, spent many years in the 7 & 10 newsrooms (in later years mainly on sport) before moving to hosting & game shows.

  3. Great pick for the younger demo of 10. Looks great don’t know his credentials. Seems worlds away casting wise from who they have had hosting the show. Think it will have people’s curosity piqued. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  4. Surely in this strange time with all that is going on in the world (especially Melbourne), now wouldn’t be the best time to confirm a new season of anything where social distancing cannot be assured — and most certainly not on a network where things have already gone south (which was a show that is pre-recorded imagine a show that’s supposed to be live)

  5. oh, my…he’s so dreamy. And that accent, I could just listen to him talk all day.
    Not sure the market needs three dual host male-female hosted morning shows, but we’ll see how it pans out I guess.

  6. Dancing will surely be back, Tristan will definitely be a breath of fresh air for Studio 10. I had hope that Joe would have a greater role in the show, although he may well be more suited now to 10 News First or The Project?

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