10 Upfronts 2021: what can we expect?

Lots of reality, lots of stars and a few new surprises all tipped for 10's big presentation

10 holds its 2021 Upfronts tomorrow afternoon in an online presentation to clients and media.

Amongst their notable achievements this year are a revamped MasterChef Australia, Australian Survivor, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, The Masked Singer, Gogglebox and Have You Been Paying Attention?

Of course, there have been challenges thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly affecting a second season of Australian Survivor and delays to The Amazing Race Australia. But 10 also moved quickly to revive Junior MasterChef which hit screens this week. It also launched 10 Shake late last month.

As the pandemic subsides across much of the country, 2021 is already looking brighter. Big reality shows are back, including a domestic sojourn for The Amazing Race Australia and 10 will finally confirm a NSW setting for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

On the rumour front is Celebrity MasterChef, a possible revival of Australian Idol plus a kid’s multichannel show Early Show. Pilot Week could also be back on the agenda for 2021.

10 Upfronts also have a tendency to include shows that are still to screen in the current calendar year (last year it included Playing for Keeps in its 2020 Upfronts because 2019 episodes were on air). But they usually come with a sense of irreverence, in keeping with the third channel. Nine’s event was a little lacking on showbiz, but 10 will probably draw upon its favourite stars.

10 All Access will also be rebranded and relaunched as Paramount+.


I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here,
MasterChef Australia,
The Amazing Race Australia,
The Masked Singer,
Dive Club,

Expected to return:

Have You Been Paying Attention?,
The Project,
The Bachelor,
The Bachelorette,
Australian Survivor,
Hughesy We Have A Problem,
The Living Room,
Ambulance Australia,

Did not air in 2020:

Five Bedrooms,
Playing for Keeps,
The Amazing Race Australia,
Pilot Week

Future unknown:

Dancing with the Stars,
Bachelor in Paradise,
Kinne Tonight,
How to Stay Married,
Todd Sampson’s BodyHack,
Bondi Rescue,
Family Feud,
Studio 10,
One Born Every Minute Australia,
My Life is Murder,
Trial by Kyle,
Celebrity Name Game,
Junior MasterChef


Celebrity MasterChef,
Australian Idol,
Early Show

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35 Responses

  1. DWTS is such a quality show. I love it. Maybe a change of night would make all the difference. The contestants they have had are not awful but maybe try harder. I know she probably has a tour to organise but imagine if they got Kylie Minogue! A few top A list celebrities would make the mix more exciting.

  2. I really want to believe the Australian Idol rumour…and I know they are not all all a credible source, but I want to believe the Daily Mail article that speculated Guy Sebastian would be an Idol judge. I then saw he is due to be a guest on The Project tomorrow night…but he also has a new album coming up which would be the reason. More likely to be a remaining judge on The Voice for Seven, as I see he will also be on Better Homes & Gardens on Friday night

    1. Me too, I hate it!! About the worst and most pointless genre to come on TV, especially when it’s not even real most of the time, let alone interesting.
      Majority of it is derivative and unrealistic with it being staged or edited somehow, so never know what to believe is actually real or if it’s just fake somehow.
      It’s even worse with it being too long and too many times a week, not to mention the overtime, and they just keep on making these things longer and longer. So I just avoid it all completely, which is quite easy to do since there’s so many other options and better things to watch instead. Whether that be online, streaming or repeats of favourite things.

  3. Really hope Ten avoid the mistake of making Celebrity Masterchef. Don’t want the audience to get tired of the Masterchef brand, or the concept of celebrity reality competitions.

    Ten should focus on making a really strong season of Masterchef, which will be the first for the new judges with “normal” contestants, who aren’t former contestants or kids.

  4. Hopefully if they do bring back Idol, they don’t fall into the same trap as The Voice (that is, making the judges the stars of the show rather than the contestants)

  5. Please no celebrity Masterchef. You’re going to ruin the brand…..again.
    Aust idol returning…..great idea.
    Does dwts need to be live?? Maybe the celebrities would sign on if filming is done in 3 weeks. Not 13.

    1. I agree that a Celebrity MasterChef would ruin the brand. There are so many amateur cooks that are wanting to be on MasterChef, would love and appreciate the opportunity to be on the show and would provide just as much interest for the viewers.

  6. I hope the soft-ish numbers for the early eps of Junior MC is giving pause for thought about any further expansion of the brand. 10 ran into trouble once before with over saturation of Masterchef.

        1. If a season has been delayed, such as Five Bedrooms to 2021, does it count towards the quota for 2021, based on airdate, or is it based on when filming occurs?

  7. I for one would be excited to see an idol revival. Wishful thinking to get the likes of Marcia, Mark and Dicko back. I guess when it comes to these talent shows idol has a history of making household names unlike the voice

  8. I hope they don’t go with Celebrity MasterChef, it will be over-saturation of the brand, just like the Batchelor\ette franchise, and like people are of Osher, people will get sick of the Masterchef judges. I would like to see a return of Dancing with the Stars.

    1. I’d rather they went in on a local production of Nailed It with Netflix or something. It’s the only food show I do.
      I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned The Masked Dancer as an interest. That’d fill up some gaps

    1. I enjoyed Murder and hope it gets renewed
      Also assume Playing for Keeps will not be renewed, despite the cliff hanger, it had low ratings.
      And there is no obligation to renew drama for the quota system.

      1. The director, Scott Major, was interviewed by Neighbours cast member Takaya Honda on Tak Talks earlier this year. He said Ten chose not to bring Playing For Keeps back for a third season.

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