A Current Affair to switch on from Nth Sydney

Tonight’s edition of A Current Affair is set to be the first show to broadcast from Nine’s new home in North Sydney.

Saturday host Deborah Knight posted these rather colourful pics on Instagram of a new-look ACA set (although I’m keen to see how it looks under lights).

Do you think I’m excited? You bet! Rehearsing for the very first show to come out of @channel9 new North Sydney studio’s. It has that new car smell!” she noted.

This will surely be a soft launch given it is up against the AFL Grand Final, but that may well be by design.


  1. Did I read somewhere that there is going to be a “Special” saying goodbye to the old TCN studios?
    I can’t seem to find an air date or info?

    • where have you been for the past few months, its been on Saturdays for a while now, and since its trash they wont be upset that you aren’t a viewer. I dont watch either, but the media is shrinking so every job is important.

    • not rude at all. in fact smart, if the studio fails (control room) the main host wont be embarrassed, the back up guy will have to handle it. To make sure all the bugs are done, smart move i would say, Tracey will have all the glory come Monday

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