Axed: Between Two Worlds

For those who were wondering, Seven drama Between Two Worlds is officially not returning.

Seven sources confirm the series would not return, after it was absent from their 2021 Upfronts.

The series premiered to 419,000 in Overnight viewers (gaining another 20% in 28 day viewing to 506,000),

After being bumped to a late slot it concluded with a double episode at 131,000 / 90,000 (231,000 / 197,000 in 28 day consolidated -an increase of 118%).

Ultimately it wasn’t enough to justify the expense for Seven, leaving Bevan Lee’s finale cliffhanger to go unresolved.

Lee’s Back to the Rafters is due next, on Amazon Prime with a date yet to be announced.


  1. thedirtydigger

    I stumbled into one episode that apoeared to have huge public foyers masquerading as offices and the worst nightclub scene ever filmed …it resembles a blue light disco with appalling acting to match. Heaven knows how this was ever given the green light but it was just bad bad bad.

  2. I didn’t mind it. I thought they took a bit to long to get to the donation storyline and find out he didn’t have the sons heart.

    But now we won’t know who got shot.

  3. It is a pity the premise had promise but it was like watching two different shows with two different plots. I never understood how those plots were meant to relate to each other.

  4. I have been watching one or two Netflix’s Korean series recently and there are some clues there for Australian writers about how to produce soap opera melodramas that will be visually attractive and leave those viewers who like the long running serial genre wanting more.

  5. It had really good cinematography, locations, and wardrobe etc. But imo, the acting wasn’t very strong, and the plot was all over the shop. A real shame, because I’ve really enjoyed all of Bevan Lee’s previous work.

  6. It was Sons & Daughters with a bigger budget. I really expected more. I watched the ten episodes. Can Bevan Lee just write 25 words or less on who got shot? 😂

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