Axed: Dancing with the Stars, Bachelor in Paradise

With no dancing roster, what next for Grant Denyer?

There were lots of returning Reality shows in 10’s 2021 Upfronts yesterday, but absent from the list were two biggies: Dancing with the Stars and Bachelor in Paradise.

It’s a shame for DWTS given Warners did such a top job. But being hammered by MAFS, costing a pretty penny and facing COVID restrictions, the dance has ended.

“We have decided to hang up our dancing shoes, lycra pants and sequined jackets for the time being,” a network spokesperson told Daily Mail.

”We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all those involved in the show, in particular Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer, who were fabulous hosts, as well as all the judges, dancers, the stars and of course the crew.”

This also adds some context to why Tristan McManus joined Studio 10.

With no sign of Celebrity Name Game and Family Feud, it isn’t clear what show will feature Grant Denyer, but a network contract might suggest he reappears on I’m a Celebrity or a similar show.

10 has not ruled out a return to Bachelor in Paradise, but for now the show is out, a victim of low ratings and travel restrictions.

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  1. I got to go see the show live one or two weeks before no audience and wow I’m so glad I did. We stood directly above where they interview the dancers as they came off the dance floor. Polished, classy and fun show. I’ll miss it. If only 10 moved it to another night.

  2. Now you mention it…Grant would have been perfect for Studio 10. He is part of 10’s last Bathurst coverage this weekend….maybe he will finish up soon since there’s no shows for him?

  3. DWTS – While I loved the production values and hats off to everyone involved, The show never seems like a “10” show. And while Grant is a very good host in a live audience environment….the audience at home has not warmed to him on a long list of shows both on 7 and 10. After Bathurst 1000 this weekend….(10’s last v8 supercars broadcast) he might be out the door.

    1. He should because after all what’s Network 10 done for him. Nothing. His better off as a motorsport expert. And should sign with 7. Who knows Seven might bring back the feud lol wishful thinking.

  4. I want to know what happened to Family Feud it had at least 4 more episode to go and the ratings weren’t even that bad it still made the top 20 many other 10 shows get less, but despite that they could have at least finished the series? When and where are we going to see the rest of the episodes? Very unfair to the contestants.

  5. These shows seem more like casualties of circumstance as opposed to a lack of wanting on 10’s part. Bachelor In Paradise would likely have proceeded if travel and physical restrictions weren’t in place. Frankly, I’m baffled that they have been allowed to proceed with The Bachelor/ette with the participants exchanging saliva like it was 2019. How come *they* weren’t forced to make out with dummies? 😛

    10 isn’t bursting with primetime options these days, so it would make sense to opt for something more frugal than DWTS. I’m baffled, though, that 10 would commission a dog show after the high profile, Rebel Wilson-presented Pooch Perfect flopped.

  6. How am I going to get my Sharna Burgess fix now? That woman is beyond beautiful.

    Ahem… anyway… it is time to retire Grant Denyer. 10 want to save money by getting rid of products that cost too much for so little return… Denyer should be their #1 focus on that criteria.

    1. I too find it odd that so many newsreaders and other media personalities were axed in what seemed like an exodus over at 10 HQ, but Grant Denyer, with his series of underperformers (at best) and flops (at worst), is kept on the payroll.

        1. It doesn’t matter how good he is at adapting to a new show… the return from his output, however dedicated, has been awful over the past few attempts. He largely escapes the blowtorch every time.

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