Axed: Plate of Origin

Seven maintains it could still return My Kitchen Rules & House Rules, but not in 2021.

Seven today has confirmed the end of the road for Plate of Origin, but is resting two other formats.

“I don’t think there is a future for Plate of Origin. The numbers would suggest that. You don’t need to be a genius to work that out,” Director of Programming Angus Ross told TV Tonight.

“Both My Kitchen Rules and House Rules are formats that have served us well, and are proven also around the world. But to James’ (Warburton) point last year, they both got stale and tired. They require a rest. We can look to return them at any point that we that we see fit.

“They require a new approach if we were to bring them back.”

Director of Production Andrew Backwell noted MKR was a hit that had unnerved rival networks across successive years.

MKR will come back. We’ll take it back to basics, we’ll do a shorter run, we’ll feature the elements that we know work in that show. I think over the years we expanded it to 50 episode runs. It needs to go back to basics then we can extend it again later,” he said.

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  1. So the question is…how will 7 utilise Gary, Matt and Manu in 2021? Makes no sense to me, but Manu for AGT again? I doubt Gary and Matt would have been signed for just one year. They talk about needing to make format changes if MKR and House Rules was ever to return…but they already made changes this year…that ship has sailed. Interesting to note that Masterchef and The Block will now outlast the imitator shows in MKR and House Rules

  2. The choice of judges doomed this show before it was even screened. Masterchef and MKR were both losing viewers. The new Masterchef proved that a revamp was needed. The success was largely due to the judges. A real coup getting such a renowned chef like Jock. And the novelty of Manu with his accent and his velvet jackets has worn off. The Block’s ratings this year has proven that people are happy to switch channels to watch something else like Gruen or SAS Australia.

  3. Seven ruined both MKR and House Rules to be honest with you. They were doing great then they messed with the format and went to crap. House Rules this year was a serious laughing stock. They ruined it so much. It used to be one of my favourite shows. Losing Joh Griggs was a huge mistake. I’m sad to see it not return (even though they say its resting) but honestly Channel 7 didn’t care if you ask me. They seem to do this with popular formats, care until they’ve bled them dry.

  4. I thought there were two factors for MKR. One is that programming has a shelf life. It may have become stale on its own. Or the other factor that the divergence from the main concept and dramatisation had turned off viewers. It could be either as the reality dramatisation seems to work for other shows, and the dramatisation might not have appealed to the core MKR audience. I certainly tuned out of MKR when it became less light-hearted.

    I believe potentially good food show concepts that would have a broad appeal on primetime free-to-air TV would be Ready Steady Cook and Come Dine With Me if given prominent timeslots and channel exposure.

  5. To say it was underdone is an understatement. I’m not sure POO quite knew what it wanted to be. It certainly presented as underwhelming from the start. I’m told it improved slightly further into the run, but I wasn’t one of the few to hang around.

  6. What a shame. I really enjoyed learning more about some of the cuisines we don’t often see represented, and it was kind of nice to see another show focusing on the food. Something to tide me over between Masterchef seasons. I also loved seeing Gary and Matt back on screens and seeing Manu having so much fun. Hope they find the right show for these guys, because their chemistry really is special.

  7. The biggest problem with MKR, and the reason i stopped watching, was the length of the series. I dont want to commit to something for 4 months, 5 days a week 90mins a day.

    there could be life left in a diet version of MKR just 10 episodes; 6x instant restaurants and some outdoor challenges. no kitchen HQ. whole season done in less than 3 weeks.

    as for POO, it seemed like a huge coup at last years upfronts, but felt like the end product was very under baked, felt like 7 didn’t have much faith in it themselves.

  8. Sadly done in by the lingering stink of MKR.
    If we really want to do something to promote local tourism, set these three loose to explore regional venues & produce/cuisine. Allowing for travel restrictions, of course.

    1. Exactly, shows they just don’t get it, need to scrap all the old judges and start again, maybe the Masterchef ones could move in and Manu and Pete gone, get rid of the staged drama is a must as well as was just same year after year villains and contrived fights that became stale quickly. No need to stretch it out with padding if it goes well, the instant restaurants were the best parts, kitchen HQ not what it was really all about.

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