Cricket stand-off unresolved

Cricket Australia is reportedly close to a deal with FOX Sports over broadcasting rights, but is facing an independent arbitrator in its stand-off with Seven Network, or alternatively proceeding to the Supreme Court.

Media reports claim CA has reached a fork in the road as to how to resolve the crisis with Seven.

Ongoing reports suggest Seven’s ultimate objective remains to try and blow up the entirety of their $450 million TV rights deal and get out of cricket, or at the very least, the Big Bash.

But CA is confident that force majeure covers them for this summer.

CA is also starting to think that being terminated by Seven, or choosing to terminate the network themselves might not be the worst outcome, even if it does mean accepting a reduced rights deal with Nine or 10.

CA could seek an injunction to stop the tribunal giving a value assessment on this summer’s rights or even sue Seven for breach of contract. But Seven have their own claims of contract breaches.

Both NRL and AFL agreed to contract adjustments with Free to Air and Subscription broadcasters following upheaval to 2020 fixtures due to the pandemic.

Source: The Chronicle


  1. TasTVcameraman

    I can’t see it on 10 Shake as Tassie have not got shake or the nine extra channels or the 7flix channel. I think that it will be resolved.

    • Shake is full of junk, watched by people who don’t watch cricket and has 0.5% of the market.

      10 would be quite happy to have some sport that rated at the right price, it’s one of the few things viewers watch live. They didn’t get rid of sport they were out-manoeuvred by bigger players by Foxtel, Seven and Nine out of the BBL, just as Seven and Foxtel pinched their share of the AFL from them once Seven had the money to afford it.

  2. Most articles are suggesting The main reason SWM want out is that the CA product is “not up to a suitable standard” Bullocks!!! They can’t afford it. Simple

  3. Channel Seven need to start to grow up. They need to either need to pay up and shut up or give up the international cricket rights to Nine and the Big Bash back to Ten! Channel Seven really need to stop throwing an adult tantrum!

  4. Maybe it will be nice to see the BBL return to 10 (especially seeing as many of their shows haven’t been able to be filmed yet) and it’ll also give a great boost to I’m A Celeb! again.

  5. Why don’t media outlets call it for what it is ??? “Seven West Media cannot simply afford the cricket FTA tv rights to cricket” . All this posturing from Seven is basically a way of not making a billionaire shareholder in the company look bad. End of story

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