Escape from the City reaches final episode

After 60 episodes, ABC lifestyle series reaches the end of the production line.

ABC lifestyle series Escape from the City has its final episode tomorrow night, in what is likely to be its last ever episode.

ABC produced 60 episodes of the series from Fremantle in 2017, as part of its commitment to rural content. They were originally set to screen weeknights at 6pm in tandem with Think Tank.

But a programming decision to move The Drum to 6pm changed all that, shunting the show to 8:30pm Thursdays. For a show that has a particularly long production period, it has reached the end of the line.

In the final episode presenter Jane Hall lines up four very different homes at Mission Beach, Queensland.

A year ago she told TV Tonight , “I think they’re just going to do that ABC thing of keeping it on a loop for a very long time. We’ll still be watching it 10 years from now.”

8:30pm Thursday on ABC.

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  1. Such a shame it wasn’t watched more……gave me lots of inspiration for my own sea/tree/change, and loved seeing Jane Hall present….someone needs to pick her up for me presenting/hosting.

    It will be even more relevant with the pandemic and people wanting more space than apartments and inner city suburban blocks can give them while we wait out a vaccine for COVID-19.

    Maybe a good program for Lifestyle in between seasons of Selling Houses Australia and Grand Designs….Wendy Moore are you reading this????

  2. It’s a great shame the ABC did not update the end titles to reveal where the story went. All had updates current in 2017. Did not have the interest or casting of similar local lifestyle series, inconsistent hosts did not help either. Not sure in the episodes I saw did anyone ever chose one of the presented properties. Must be some better ways for the ABC to spend their budget.

  3. I have enjoyed it and do not understand why, there is often so much repeated content.
    The funding arrangements for the ABC have really let down the telling of Australian stories and lifestyle, yes we still get some good documentaries and drama, but they have very limited life span.
    Entertainment and comedy like Gruen, Hard Chat, The Weekly, Ahn Do and Home Delivery are some examples of continuing success and production, but these seem limited, compared to short seasons of dramas like The Heights and Janet King

  4. And let there be no more ….

    EftC become rather irrelevant, given that the episodes were filmed more than 2 years ago and at least 90% of the “escapers” didn’t escape!!!!

    But do we really have to get repeats of ‘Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure’ as it’s replacement?

    What about new episodes of ‘Line of Duty’ (S5)? [It seems that the ABC has totally ditched LoD, given that it is now more than a year ago that there episodes were broadcast in AU.]

    Not to mention new episodes of other shows previously broadcast on the ABC or even a new show altogether, such as, ‘The Sounds’ (NZ).

  5. Still find it hard to understand how foreign production companies can make content for Australian tv – especially the government funded abc at such an enormous budget ? That series of 60 episodes would have made the production company about 20 million dollars of tax payers money ?

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