Fam Time, Wife Swap bumped to 2021

Seven sitcom and reality show will now screen in 2021.

Seven has confirmed two local titles have been pushed to 2021.

Both local sitcom Fam Time and reality series reboot Wife Swap have been held back.

Fam Time by Seven Studios centres around “Australia’s most post-modern modern family,” wrapped in fibre optic cables and swiping for love, streaming for acceptance, posting for purpose… Michala Banas, Benson Jack Anthony, Duncan Fellows …and Rhonda Burchmore.

It was due to air earlier this year.

Wife Swap was due in 2019 after being filmed by Screentime.

A Seven source confirmed, “They will come next year at some point.”

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    1. It’s an Americanism, used by young people who can’t be bothered with words of more than one syllable-there was a sitcom in the US called ‘Fam’, quickly cancelled but also shown here as a filler.

  1. Wow whoever wrote that rot media release for Fam Time needs to go back to the drawing board, no wonder its been held back… if it was actually funny I think Seven would have rushed it to air.
    And what excuse are they giving us for the seriously unseen ” Mates On A Mission ” ? That’s several millions bucks the shareholders won’t be seeing again …

  2. This year I agree but it’s not like seven have had a strong end of year for a few years. They seem determined to chuck everything early, which is why people probably don’t sample their end of year offerings because it seems Seven don’t even believe in it (Hell’s kitchen, Zumba, dance group show, all together now, take me out etc)

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