Nine leading in Total People & Demos

Saturday’s AFL Grand Final may have broken OzTAM records and delivered Seven a 17 week tie with Nine, but by Monday Nine was back in front in Total People and Demos.

Total People:

Nine: 27.55%
Seven: 27.41%
10: 18.05%

25 – 54:

Nine: 29.66%
Seven: 26.92%
10: 23.18%

16 – 39:

Nine: 28.21%
Seven: 27.91%
10: 25.14%

With a little over a month to go, Nine still has 3 x State of Origin games (from Nov 4) and The Block Auction to come, which would suggest more weeks going their way.

Seven’s fortunes hinge on SAS Australia and Beat the Chasers. After a challenging Q1 & Q2, Seven has been stronger in the second half of the year, while 10 notes the most growth of any commercial network and primary channel in 2020.

Survey Year 5 city Metro share, incl. 28 Day Consolidated.


    • Think your prediction will be correct Jacob. The State of Origin will not only win but win by such a huge margin Seven will not be able to catch up with no AFL even if it wins some nights

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