Sarah Ferguson to head to US for ABC

Sarah Ferguson will be deployed to Washington DC to take up a special in-depth reporting role for ABC News.

The six month role comes in the wake of her appointment as Beijing Bureau Chief -still on hold.

“Sending Sarah to Beijing and having an ABC presence in China remains our top priority,” ABC Director, News Gaven Morris Morris said. “However, in the interim Sarah can bring her substantial reporting skills to covering the world’s other superpower.”

Currently reporting for the ABC from the US are Washington Bureau Chief David Lipson and North America Correspondent Kathryn Diss, with Chief Foreign Correspondent Phil Williams supporting the bureau for the US election.

“The drama of the US story is compelling,” said Ferguson. “It’s the other side of the coin in the great superpower stand-off. And I’ll be reporting in the aftermath of an era-defining election.”

ABC Director, News Gaven Morris said, “We have a top-notch team in the Washington bureau and Sarah’s superb long-form and investigative reporting will add formidable firepower to our coverage of the fascinating and significant US story.”

As well as Washington, the ABC has posts in Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo, New Delhi, Port Moresby, London, Beirut and Jerusalem. ABC also plans to establish a short-term posting in Seoul to expand reporting in North Asia.

“We’re looking at how we can most effectively deploy our resources to provide the best world coverage for audiences,” Morris said. “The ABC’s Asia Pacific reporting sets us apart and is an essential part of our service.

“On-the-ground reporting for Australians through Australian eyes helps improve our understanding of international events and how they affect our nation and our lives.”

Last month ABC correspondent Bill Birtles was one of two Australian journalists pulled out of Beijing, which followed the arrest of an Australian journalist working for China’s state media, Cheng Lei.

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