SKY News: Final US Presidential Debate

SKY News will screen the final U.S. Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in Nashville tomorrow from 11.30am AEDT (debate from 12pm).

Join Sky News Political Reporter Tom Connell as he anchors coverage of the debate, which will be broadcast live, in full and uninterrupted.

Tom will cross to Sky News reporters Peter Stefanovic in Nashville and Annelise Nielsen in Atlanta who will be with American voters as they settle in to watch the debate.

At the conclusion of the debate at approximately 1:30pm AEDT, Sky News anchor Paul Murray, The Daily Telegraph columnist and US correspondent Miranda Devine, and Australian political strategist Bruce Hawker will join Tom, Peter and Annelise to dissect the debate.

Sky News Australia has your front row seat to one of the most significant US Presidential Elections in history.

On November 4 from 5:00am AEDT Sky News Australia’s multi-platform coverage of the US Election will begin with on-the-ground reporters and commentators live from the US providing around-the-clock analysis on Election Day.

Join our unrivalled team live from the US including – Peter Stefanovic, Chris Kenny, Joe Hockey, Rita Panahi, James Morrow, Annelise Nielsen, The Daily Telegraph’s Miranda Devine and The Australian’s Cameron Stewart – as we find out if Americans choose Republican incumbent Donald Trump or Democrat challenger Joe Biden to become the U.S. President.

Spearheading coverage from Australia, Chief News Anchor Kieran Gilbert will anchor key events of this history-defining election joined by Political Editor Andrew Clennell, Business Editor Ticky Fullerton and leading commentators Paul Murray, Peta Credlin, Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt.

11:30am AEDT on Friday October 23.

U.S. Election Day Live from 5:00am AEDT on Wednesday November 4.

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