Airdate: The Great British Bake Off: Festive Specials

2 Part specials The Great British Bake Off: Festive Specials will debut on Foxtel next week.

These aired in the UK in 2019.

More merry bakers from Bake Off past – Benjamina and Rav (2016), Rob (2012), and Sandy (2015) – join hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig and judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith to compete in a winter wonderland-themed challenge.

Tuesday December 1 at 7.30pm on LifeStyle Food.


  1. The new series of GBBO has its final week this week in the UK. They are advertising for contestants for next year already. They do a Japanese week. Which was a mix bag. You will laugh at when you see Mr Spoon which had 39 complaints

  2. Hi David, do you know when the regular 2020 season of Bake Off will be airing in Aus? My understanding is it started airing in the UK in September. We’d usually only be a few weeks behind them and normally enjoying all of this baking stuff just prior to Christmas

    • I’d recommend keeping an eye on this URL:

      There isn’t anything on there yet for UK version (let alone the AU version — which i suspect has been abandoned for the time being?)

      Interesting to note, but I believe the US get’s it live (give or take a week?) on Netflix. Yet here it gets sandbagged to the new year?

      I’m glad we get it at all, and we don’t mind watching it in the new year — but would be nice if we got it similar to other countries.

      • Netflix US gets it about 2 or 3 days after airing. I usually watch it on a Friday or Saturday night.

        Foxtel screened the Great Canadian Bake Off (season 1, 2017) a few months ago but further seasons have not followed.

        • Yeah it’s a bit frustrating the partial investments in TV shows and their (lack of) timeliness?

          This will probably be the last year we wait for foxtel to view this show.

          Its the same as the australian one. November 2019 was when the June 2018 (filmed) version go to air. To my knowledge, there has been no announcement of subsequent seasons. I feel like it would air quite well too — especially given it’s really just Masterchef left standing after MKR & plate of origin being axed.”

          Could be wrong, and biased because i enjoy the show, but another Foxtel x Ten collab (or perhaps even 7?) would have helped it find a broader audience.

          Here’s hoping some good news for us fans and perhaps Netflix AU releasing on a similar schedule…

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