Bluey first ever animated cover for TV Week

TV Week breaks from tradition for a superstar Aussie.

Another milestone for ABC KIDS hit Bluey -the first ever animated character given a TV Week cover.

And why not? The Ludo Studios series is pulling eye-watering figures for the channel, at up to 437,000 on Saturday -the biggest audience all day outside of evening news bulletins.

Yesterday another 424,000 in the morning, and 228,000 in an early evening replay.

New Timeshifted numbers will be available tomorrow for the first new episode, and the series was also just nominated for an AACTA Award.

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  1. Full credit and congratulations to Bluey making the cover. Long overdue given the show’s popularity.

    But TV Week’s claim for it to be their first animated character on the cover is not quite true. Donald Duck was on the cover one of the earliest TV Weeks back in the 1950s and there was also a Flintstones cover in the 1960s.

    I’d be surprised, too, if there hasn’t been a Simpsons cover at some stage over its 30 years run.

    Perhaps Bluey is the first “Australian” animated character to be on the cover?

    1. Don’t they mean feature cover though? They don’t say animated character, they say “animated cover” referring to the main cover and not a small box similar to what Neighbours gets.

        1. The cover that featured Bart was in 1995 however wasn’t a Simpsons feature, rather a Top 10 Shows feature, along with Seinfeld and others. Cannot find any evidence of Flintstones or Duck covers.

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