Bumped: The Masked Singer USA

The Masked Singer USA gets yet another new timeslot on 10 (it’s almost a new time every week….).

It will now move back to 10:30pm next Wednesday after pulling a dismal 74,000 against Origin III.

Wednesday 25 November
7:30pm Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food
8:30pm Bull
9:30pm Bull rpt
10:30pm The Masked Singer USA


  1. It’s a shame that the ratings have been so catastrophically pathetic as I really believed that this had a lot of potential. Sure, not quite as high as the local version, but I figured that it could at least pull about half.

    Unfortunately the timeslots/airings have been quite inconsistent in the US, and it absolutely had to air ASAP after the U.S. for this to work.

  2. The Things I've Seen.

    I adore the Masked Singer, even international versions, (Seriously seeing “Hide the Pain Harold” unmasked on the Hungarian version is a treat). The issue is we now live in a connected and instant world. If ten ever hoped for this to work, they needed to air it no more than 24 hours behind the US. Due to the internet, I could tell you the next two celebrities to be unmasked…so why wait to watch it on free-to-air when I can see it sooner?

  3. I just don’t understand why they don’t just make it exclusive to shake like they planned.
    74k viewers last week, never shows up in consolidated. Imagine the numbers at 10:30 (which will most likely become 10:40pm)
    They tried to make it work, it bought them a week at 7:30 before bachelorette started but has failed since.

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