Four Corners fact checks The Crown

ABC reckons dialogue attributed to Bob Hawke in The Crown were never said on their show.

Four Corners has taken to social media to clarify a dramatisation in The Crown, which recreates an interview Bob Hawke gave in 1983.

In the Netflix series, Hawke (Richard Roxburgh) answered a question on Australia becoming a republic by saying, “You wouldn’t put a pig in charge of a herd of prime beef cattle, even if it does look good in twin set and pearls.”

But Four Corners maintains he never said it on their show.

The Crown does use creative license, it may ultimately prove to be nod to another Hawke comment made elsewhere…. or just a blokey dramatisation of an Aussie politician for global consumption.

Via: Herald Sun

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  1. Hawkes office in Old Parliament House also looks nothing like it does in the show.
    But it’s not a documentary, which I think a lot of people are forgetting. The show is “based on” real people, it’s not meant to be an accurate portrayal. I dread to think the backlash the royal family will get when the season featuring Diana’s death airs.

  2. The Crown is a drama, not a historical documentary. It uses its dramatic license regularly. Why the hell is 4 Corners wasting time on this. Are they going to investigate Spitting Image next?

    1. My thoughts too, the main writer Peter Morgan made comment in a You Tube video that the story could not be 100% factually correct it is an interpretation (my words) of modern British Royal history.
      Obviously, any deviation from published works would be subject to litigation, most regular watchers of the Crown will know that the Windsors would like a lot of things left unsaid.
      I thought Richard Roxburgh’s short role as Hawke was quite well done it must have been hard not to ham his part up, like Jillian did with Mrs Thatcher.

    2. From the beginning Peter Morgan has stated the Crown is a drama and that he makes most of it up for dramatic effect. He has fabricated meetings, conversations, speeches and letters. Fabricated events or moved them about by years. Funnily enough the ABC only cares in season 6 when it’s Hawke’s turn.

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