No decision by ABC on The Heights

Plus what future for Utopia, Rosehaven, Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery?

Following this week’s Upfronts by ABC, TV Tonight asked Sally Riley ABC Head of Drama, Entertainment & Indigenous about a handful of ABC titles which were not confirmed for 2021.

What is the future for The Heights?

“We haven’t made a decision on a third series. I love that show and it did so much for for Perth, getting those studios working,” she said.

“It was such a boon for the industry there. But also we had some new directors and lots of new actors who are now going on and doing amazing things. That was one of the reasons we did that show -to get new talent into the industry.”

Comedy shows Utopia and Rosehaven?

“It’s one of our best shows, we’d love to have it back. But at the moment, we’re not sure when that might be.

“And we’re working very hard to bring Rosehaven back.”

ABC has also not confirmed Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery which is unlikely for 2021 but could resume later.

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