Opening night at Willoughby, 1956

Here's a look back to the schedule for TCN9 on its Opening Night in 1956.

Today is World Television Day….

On this final day of broadcasting at TCN9 Willoughby, a moment to look back at the schedule for the official station Opening Night: 27 October 1956.

7pm Mickey Mouse Club
8pm Official Opening Talks -on film and live from Willoughby
8:30pm Accent on Strings – live music from Studio R
8:45pm Great Gildersleeve
9:15pm The Mickey Katz Show with Manny Klein -live from Studio R
9:45pm Racket Squad
10:15pm News & Weather
10:30pm Gunsmoke

Here’s a list of TCN staff and chief shareholders (as at September 1957). Note the Church of England as a shareholder.

The great Ken G. Hall was Executive Director.

The last ever broadcast will be Weekend Today this morning.

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  1. What a fantastic video! I must admit that very little of what is broadcast on Nine grabs me these days (I’ve always been a Seven or Ten viewer), but I have the utmost respect for its place in Australian television history. It really is the end of an era. Thanks for the article, David!

  2. Great video. From September 1956 Cinesound shot, edited and delivered news film for TCN9. After Ken G. Hall became chief executive in December 1956, he instigated the format for television news bulletins that drew on his 25 years of experience with Cinesound. Interesting to see Roger Climpson interviewing Brian Henderson circa 1964. He got the job at Nine after asking his friend Brian Henderson to have a word with the head of TCN9, Bruce Gyngell. He left Nine in 1965 after Sir Frank Packer refused to grant him a five-pound ($10) pay rise. Climpson was asked to fill a temporary newsreader role at ATN7 where he stayed for fifteen years, presenting ATN7 News up against Nine News with Brian H.

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