Reputation Rehab: Nov 18

Reputation Rehab tonight tries to rebuild the image of Karl Stefanovic (athough without him actually participating) while Osher Gunsberg remembers snappers during The Bachelor.

Kirsten and Zoe unpack what it means to have a bad image through analysis of perennial tabloid favourite Karl Stefanovic. They also speak to Osher Gunsberg about the violation of being papped and fat shamed without his knowledge while overseas. This episode will see them dive into the seedy underworld of the paparazzi and Zoe finds out the hard way how it feels to be on the wrong side of their lens.

Production credits: An ABC and CJZ production. Creators, producers and writers: Sophie Braham and Melina Wicks. Presenters, writers and producers: Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton Lodge. Series Producer: Sarah Douglas. Executive Producer: Nick Murray (CJZ), ABC Executive Producer: Nick Hayden.

9:05pm tonight on ABC.

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