The Block breaks records

Records have fallen on The Block as it managed to sell five Brighton homes built in the middle of a pandemic.

The highest ever pricetag was paid for Jimmy & Tam’s 1950s Palm Springs-inspired house at a whopping $4,256,000.

That set another record of $966,000 over reserve -which together with $100,000 took their winnings to $1.066m -the biggest cash prize in Block and Australian TV history -eclipsing $1.016m won on Million Dollar Minute in 2015.

With all 5 homes sold the show set another record with $3,332,002 in profit. Nine claims that as the highest sum of money ever won on a single episode of television anywhere in the world.

The winning bid was by an unnamed young woman who only visited Jimmy & Tam’s house the night before.

Jimmy and Tam said: “It’s just unbelievable. The thought of walking away with a hundred thousand dollars blew our minds, but to walk away with a million dollars is life changing. This whole experience was for our daughter Frankie. The whole reason we are here is for her future. This means we can buy a house without a mortgage, that’s the Australian dream. We’re getting goose bumps thinking about that, it’s just amazing.”

Three homes were bought by I.T. millionaire Danny Wallis who made brash bids designed to blow the competition out of the water and who plans to donate Danny and Jade’s home to My Room Children’s Cancer Charity.

“What an amazing day it was and a real thrill to buy the three houses. I was so impressed with the builds this year, the location in Brighton, and the potential as an investor for the properties in the future,” he said.

“The My Room Children’s Cancer Charity do so many wonderful things for sick children and their families, and they will benefit so much from having access to Daniel and Jade’s amazing home.”

Jimmy and Tam: $966,000 + $100,000  = $1,066,000
Sarah and George: $650,002
Harry and Tash: $650,000
Luke and Jasmin: $506,000
Daniel and Jade: $460,000.

Host Scott Cam said, “I’ve done a lot of these auctions and I thought it was going to be a tough day, but it’s been the most unbelievable day we have had by a mile. Everyone made sensational money, some of the contestants paid off their mortgages. It has been amazing.”

The Block returns for its 17th series in 2021 in Hampton.


  1. That was the most enjoyable Block auction I’ve ever watched. I’m so happy for all the contestants, everyone’s a winner really. Real feelgood TV, and Congratulations to all the teams and Nine for a truly fabulous series 👏🎉

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