Undoing portrait reveals Hugh & Nicole

Part II of Binge city promotion is revealed on an 18 storey apartment building.

A Binge portrait of Nicole Kidman on Darlinghurst’s Top of the Town apartment building to promote The Undoing has now transformed into a Hugh Grant & Kidman portrait.

The massive 18.4 x 36.8 metre (680sqm) paintings are the largest of their kind in the Southern Hemisphere, hand painted taking 500 hours to complete over 17 days. Artists from Apparition Media are Hamish McBride, Laura Paige, Kailin Hegel, Jacqui Butterworth, Aly Barnard, Matt Mcenally, Meg Hardie, Meg Hales, Michael Iglesias, Nancy Ji and Tia Madden.

Binge Executive Director, Alison Hurbert-Burns, said: “We knew The Undoing would be a hit with viewers and it’s been fantastic to see so many people following the storyline as the plot thickens each week. The series has become the number one show of all time on Binge in record time, and we know that many people will wait and binge on the complete series as we inch closer to the final episode this Monday.

“We have been blown away by the response that our giant 18-storey hand painted portraits of Nicole and Hugh have received. To see the images shared around the world to millions is just incredible.”

The portrait will remain on the side of ‘Top of The Town’ until today before being painted over and restored back to its original state.

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