$100,000 prize for Celebrity Apprentice

These are the chosen charities hoping to benefit from Nine reality series in 2021.

Nine has confirmed a $100,000 prize for a charity chosen by the winner of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

The prize is the same amount awarded last time it screened on Nine in 2015, and comes on top of the money raised across the series.

The show featuring Lord Alan Sugar and advisors Lorna Jane Clarkson and Janine Allis, will air on Nine in 2021.

Chosen charities are:

Celebrity Apprentice Australia is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia for the Nine Network, based on the format created by Mark Burnett and distributed by MGM.

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  1. The normal one with Sir Alan is quite good, shame that Seven don’t screen the whole series. I think we saw series seven or six but it rates big numbers in the UK. The trouble with Celebrity stuff is that just that, I would prefer Sir Alan doing a normal one.

    1. In the UK The Apprentice ratings are around 7 million for the last couple of series. These are decent enough rating if you compare that to Dancing With The Stars and I’m A Celebrity are rating over 10 million even for the lowest rating episodes. The X Factor in the UK was around 5 million before it was ‘rested’

  2. The problem with Celebrity Apprentice is that winners are determined by how rich your friends are, who will show up to buy your pizza or “artwork”.

    If you want to win this show, have Dave Hughes as your friend. Because he seems to have buckets of money, who’ll buy anything.

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