2020: Most-read posts

A profile of the cast of Seven’s Farmer Wants a Wife was the most-read post on TV Tonight in 2020.

Surprisingly, it even broke site records as the most-read post of all time…. and no, I can’t explain it either, other than to note it would include international traffic.

There are still three days to go in the calendar year, but the top posts are an eclectic mix of Reality TV casts, British drama and Aussie soaps. And even Songs of Praise gets a nod.

TV Tonight draws traffic for Australian shows from around the world as evidenced by a 2019 reality win still being read a year later.

    1. Farmer Wants a Wife 2020: Meet the Cast
    2. MasterChef favourite out after arrest
    3. Criminal Minds: update
    4. 2020 Masked Singer guessing game begins
    5. MasterChef to confirm Ben’s exit
    6. Grand Designs Australia house burns
    7. House Rules: High Stakes: meet the contestants
    8. Larissa wins MasterChef Australia 2019
    9. MasterChef Australia 2020: meet the cast
    10. Returning: Father Brown
    11. Denise Drysdale: “Segment shouldn’t have even been considered”
    12. Top 10 hymns on Songs Of Praise
    13. Returning: Victoria
    14. Maddy Jevic joins Home and Away
    15. MAFS bride faces court over COVID restrictions
    16. Farewell to 10 faces
    17. MKR: The Rivals: meet the teams
    18. Renewed: Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries
    19. Returning: Home & Away
    20. Alyce Platt returning to Neighbours


  1. I know that I went to the winning FWAW site repeatedly, to remind myself of who the people were. It was an easy place to review the “wives” and confirm their names when commenting about the show elsewhere.

  2. It has been mentioned before by someone else, but I would suggest a like button and like count for articles. It would be good for articles that there is nothing to comment on or receives hardly any or no comments, though is still liked or appreciated. It could also lead to another category of the most liked articles of the year.

    • I like the ‘like’ idea. Sure, it’s straight offa Facebook but particularly with the comments section, sometimes you just want to show you agree with a reader’s comment.

  3. So interesting what people read. I have recently re-visited former posts this year (finally viewing Upright and The Kettering Incident are two such examples) so your posts are invaluable not only to O/S readers but us too!

    Thank you for sharing 😊

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