Foxtel announces new local drama, The Twelve.

New 10 part local drama, set around a murder jury, is based on a Belgian series.

Foxtel has announced a new 10 part local drama series The Twelve, set around a murder jury.

Based on a Belgian series of the same name (De Twaalf, pictured) the series is to be produced in partnership with Warner Bros. International Television Australia and Spirit Pictures.

The Twelve, now in development, with production slated for 2021, tells of 12 ordinary people who are selected for jury duty in a murder trial as traumatising as it is controversial, in which a woman stands accused of killing a child. Behind the façade of their anonymity, these twelve ordinary people bring with them their own histories. Lives that are as complex as the trial, full of fractured dreams, shameful secrets, hope, fears, personal trauma and prejudice. Through the multiple lenses of these jurors, we see the fragility and imbalances of the law, and the chaotic and flawed way we attempt to determine justice in our society.

Brian Walsh, Executive Director of Television, said: “Foxtel is proud to continue its long-standing commitment to local content with the announcement of this new drama series, The Twelve.

“In one of the most challenging of times for our industry there has never been a more important moment to consolidate our energies, talent and passion, and reaffirm our commitment to local drama. We have been looking for the ideal vehicle to replace our popular series, Wentworth, and we have every confidence that The Twelve will continue the tradition of bringing gripping Australian drama to the screen.

“The series takes on the crime genre through the lens of jurors. It is a bold and fresh approach to the classic murder mystery story and will boast a big ensemble cast and an equally impressive team of writers and creatives. We look forward to working with Michael Brooks, Hamish Lewis and the team at Warner Bros. International Television in Sydney, and Liz Watts at Spirit Pictures,” he said.

Michael Brooks, Managing Director of Warner Bros. International Television Australia, added: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Foxtel on The Twelve, which will mark the launch of our domestic drama business. Warner Bros. is committed to telling Australian stories and working with the incredible creative talent we have in this country. Our partnership with Liz Watts at Spirit Pictures is the first of many to come and we are excited to work alongside Brian Walsh and the wonderful team at Foxtel.”

Shooting is due to commence in mid 2021.

Executive Producers are Michael Brooks and Hamish Lewis from Warner Bros. International Television Australia, Liz Watts from Spirit Pictures and Brian Walsh for Foxtel.

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  1. As long as they don’t try to be a theatrical court room drama it could work. I feel like The Twelve is effective because it is set in the Belgium court system which it seems to be mostly a dry and technical process. It gives nothing away and the personal storylines have more impact as a result.

    1. The Belgian legal system is a Civil System descended from the French system. That is different to an English style Case Law system, where Judges are bound by precedents and the implications of setting them, and where the Prosecution and Defence tend to be more adversarial. It is an interesting choice of drama to adapt to Australia.

  2. I had the best intentions to watch the Belgian series when it aired — last year … I think — on SBS. Watched the first episode and forgot to series-link it. But I did like what I saw. Might go hunt it down and revisit.

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