Gallery: Carols by Candlelight 2020

It was a socially-distant crowd-pleaser at the Bowl this Christmas.

Nine last night hosted a very different Carols by Candlelight in keeping with the challenges of 2020.

No audience was present, following a decision by Vision Australia, but producers cleverly ensured a social distanced choir gave performers someone to perform to. A massive video screen behind the orchestra, led by John Foreman, included childrens’ choirs and virtual performances from the likes of Jamie Cullum & Chris Sebastian.

Amongst the on stage highlights were Casey Donovan, Sylvie Paladino, the cast of Hamilton, Dami Im and Jess Hitchcock. Livinia Nixon, joined by Eddie McGuire, was particularly well-suited to the occasion. And a special mention to ‘Santa’s helper’ this year in the form of actor Mike Bishop.

Nine also used the occasion to unveil a host of new network promos.

While Carols by Candlelight always boasts the cream of the crop in talent, for my money this year Carols in the Domain had the upper hand in the technical department (ok, not that this is a competition per se).

Both events are repeated today with Carols in the Domain at 6am on Seven and Carols by Candlelight from 1pm on Nine.

Photos: Les O’Rourke

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  1. just seen some of the cbc repeat, i really like Livinia, even Eddie was ok for him….right up until when they did the Hot Seat moment gag, so cringe-worthy *face palm*
    Overall from what I saw of them both I reckon the Sydney one was better, cept for Casey Donovan who never fails to blow me away with that amazing voice. I’m in Melbourne, I’m not that invested in Christmas or carols nowdays that I would bother getting competitive about it, always thought that city rivalry was stupid anyway.

    1. I must admit I did enjoy both this year, but it does annoy me when Sydney based media organisations have to say that the Sydney one was better, if it is not a competition then why bother saying it at all.

  2. Last night, I didn’t watch the CBC as I headed out to Xmas eve over dinner. I think Liv did a pretty good job with hosting the carols. Last year, Ally hosted carols with David Campbell, but this year DC couldn’t fly from SYD to MEL due to coronavirus cluster.

  3. I thought both carols shows were really good this year, Sydney in particular benefited from hosts just hosting, rather than telling constant cheesy jokes and generally being cringe.
    Melbourne – as someone who doesn’t live there, I always love seeing Livinia Nixon – sorely under utilised at Nine. I also thought that this year’s Santa segment was the best there has been for a number of year, Bonnie, Tim and Rob were great.
    I imagine it’s tough producing shows like this under conditions like this year has presented, so well done to all involved, And, Merry Christmas to you David (and fellow TT readers).

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