Holey Moley sets January premiere

Seven confirms its new show will premiere in the week of January 31.

Seven has now confirmed to advertisers that Holey Moley will premiere in the week of January 31.

That’s the week before the start of official ratings (Feb 7), which is not uncommon by most networks.

What makes life unusual is the shift of the Australian Open, which at this stage is not before February 8.

It’s not yet clear which international superstars will arrive for the tennis, so uncertainty still hovers over which networks will benefit… those that provide alternative entertainment, or Nine with the tennis (the Finals will rate regardless).

Holey Moley is also likely to go head to head with The Amazing Race Australia on 10, an awkward situation for producers of both, Eureka. But it’s also something Endemol Shine is very familiar with, and a sign of Eureka’s rising prominence.

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  1. It seems like the type of show that has a huge premiere but then the novelty wears off fast and ratings drop. 7 might see their best ratings outside of ratings season, why not start on Feb7? still gets a jump on the AO (and MAFS?), its inside ratings season, and there will be more eyeballs available because its a school night.

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