“I definitely was not the right fit”

Of all the shows Catriona Rowntree has hosted for Nine, is one she would rather forget.

Catriona Rowntree hosts Country House Hunters Australia from tonight, another show in her long career at Nine.

But not every show she has fronted has suited her skills.

“I definitely was not the right fit for a show called The Chopping Block, although I got to work with Matt Moran, who I’m still friends with. I adored working with him,” she tells TV Tonight.

The series from The Block producers saw Matt Moran rescuing ailing restaurants, Gordon Ramsay-style. It ran from for two series across 2008, while a US remake with Marco Pierre White lasted a mere 3 episodes.

There are other brief runs for Rowntree, with fonder memories.

“The other one that was really interesting is I was pulled into Australia’s Funniest Home Videos when things didn’t work out for JoBeth Taylor.

“I had an absolute ball doing that show. I was asked if I could stay on and do it every week, but it would have meant having to give up Getaway.

“Equally, I remember when I was first asked to do What’s Up Doc? At that time, in my early 20s, I idolised Jana Wendt. I was sure I was going to go into current affairs, but my father encouraged me to do it.

“That led me really, to a relationship that I still have, with GTV. I am still friends with the crew that I worked with on that show.”

Country House Hunters Australia airs 7:30pm tonight on Nine.

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