SBS VICELAND: 2021 highlights

SBS VICELAND has picked up NZ soap Shortland Street after Foxtel ended its broadcast association.

It will fast-track Season 29 weeknights at 5:40pm from January 11.

VICELAND’s 2021 slate in documentaries, news, current affairs, entertainment and movies will cover cultural issues, race, identity, gender, music, food, travel, sports, and more through a renewed content deal with VICE Media Group.

SBS VICELAND will be the new home of the long-running and hugely popular Kiwi TV soap, Shortland Street. Premiering Monday, 11 January, and airing weeknights at 5:40pm AEDT, Australians will be treated to season 29, which will be fast tracked from New Zealand. The final forty episodes of season 28 will drop on SBS On Demand on January 1, ahead of the season 29 premiere.

New SBS VICELAND programs premiering in 2021 will explore contemporary global issues including: Wet Markets Exposed which looks at the dark underbelly of wet markets and wildlife trafficking around the globe and While the Rest of Us Die which unmasks how the elite are saved and normal people die when catastrophe strikes.

VICE World News’ six-part documentary Border to Border, is a unique series that explores life along the lines drawn between countries where tension, trafficking, migration, and environmental issues collide. Fringe Nation: Extremists in America considers whether the actions of those at the fringes have a disproportionate – and irreversible – impact on the United States. The acclaimed feature documentary Mayor from Emmy-winning director, editor and composer David Osit, will also be available exclusively on SBS VICELAND.

The channel will also offer a string of new international true crime documentaries covering everything from suburban crime to murder in the professional wrestling industry. From Vice TV comes the third season of pro wrestling documentary series Dark Side of the Ring alongside the newly announced expansion of the franchise, Dark Side of The 90s, which will explore the decade’s most captivating pop-culture moments. Also airing next year is documentary strand Vice Versa, a new series of independent documentary specials that serve as a hub for compelling storytelling that challenges the status quo, as well as the hotly anticipated third season of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.

VICE Studios’ new upcoming three-part series, Jack the Ripper: Hidden Victims, which provides a new take on historical crime documentaries and debunks the myths and mistruths around the infamous murderer Jack the Ripper, will also premiere in 2021.

SBS VICELAND is not only the home of bold dramas and documentaries, but also the free-to-air home of basketball in Australia, bringing audiences the 2021 National Basketball League (NBL) season, and the 2021 National Basketball Association (NBA) and Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) seasons.

All of this and more will feature alongside SBS VICELAND favourites including the cult hit show 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Taskmaster, brand-new comedy panel show Patriot Brains, and new seasons of Wellington Paranormal and The Casketeers.


  1. “…including the cult hit show 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown”

    Hopefully they can finally start working their way through the backlog they’ve been depriving us of. Unless they’re planning on breaking some kind of record for repeating episodes.

    • UK TV finally put on the 2019 eps of 8/10 Cats Does Countdown, then stopped 3 episodes before the end. There were no new eps made in 2020 and Channel 4 is reportedly broke. I enjoyed S13 of Only Connect and watching SG-1 at one ep a week on Saturday, but they of course are gone. Will watch S3 of Wellington Paranormal and Taskmaster.

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