Will Seven move on The Great Australian Bake Off?

With no food show on Seven, and no Bake-Off confirmed for Foxtel, speculation is mounting of a move.

With Foxtel now having announced their 2021 highlights, with no confirmation of a new season of The Great Australian Bake Off, speculation is mounting the show could be headed to Seven.

With no season of My Kitchen Rules nor Plate Of Origin confirmed for 2021, Seven is now without a food show.

At its recent Upfronts in October, Seven teased another big show was yet to be confirmed. And with no more internal development, it may look to BBC Studios Australia for a fix.

At the time Seven’s Head of Production Andrew Backwell told TV Tonight, “I like the format of Bake-Off. It’s still powering in the UK. I think that will pop up somewhere at some stage, but it’s not a priority for us. As you see with our announcements today, we’re really concentrating on big broad shows. But I think there is value in the format.”

“It’s a nice format,” Director of Programming Angus Ross agreed.

Watch this space…


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  1. Seems like Seven might be keen to poach this title, but of FTA ~ SBS feels like the natural home for this gentle (not quite slow-tv) sort of show. Especially with the capacity for SBSFood to air cheap replays. However I expect the licensing fees for this format are among the highest, and so possibly inaccessible for SBS.

  2. This is profoundly disappointing. Channel 9 couldn’t do it and I seriously doubt channel 7 are capable.

    My fiance and I love this show to pieces (Kiwi, Canadian [not so much], British, Australian) but i think i’d rather no more AU bakeoff than to see it commercialised on ch7/9/10.

    Would be more than happy to fall on my sword here, but i dont have a good feeling.

  3. Come on Seven, ponce on it. If I had it my way, get Endemol Shine to produce it and don’t interfere with the imaginative development. And for those remarking that Nine had it first and ought to get it once again, I disagree with you entirely. We’ve now had an FTA channel and subscription channel give it a go, now allow someone else to take the honours.

  4. Given Foxtel shows and promotes the British, Kiwi and Canadian Bake Off’s, it’s bizarre they didn’t renew this, particularly when they’ve trumpeted how well it’s rated in the past.

  5. The British show is beloved and has a huge following in that country and the US. The casting, chemistry and comedy are all on point. No doubt Seven would bloat the format and cast the most combative, unlikable people they could find. Leave it alone, Seven. You couldn’t do the format justice.

        1. Nothing to do with lockdown – just saying. The figures show it’s not niche. And this show has already worked in Aus. One of Foxtel’s biggest shows. 7 might mess it up but they axed MKR cos combative doesn’t work. They’d be fools to mess with it.

          2014 – 10.04m
          2015 – 12.50m
          2016 – 13.85m
          2017 – 9.29m (Move to CH4)
          2018 – 9.30m
          2019 – 9.24m

          1. Saturday Night Takeaway is huge in UK as well and look whats happend in Australia…. Maybe The Bake Off would be better on „new look” 7flix rather than on 7…

          2. Agree with the others, UK completely different, high rating Saturday night shows, Christmas day and Christmas eve wheras here nothing rates on those days no matter what they try (with the exception of Saturday night sports), different markets.

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