Airdate: Wild Bill

2019 UK police drama Wild Bill premieres tonight on 7TWO.

The 6 part series stars Rob Lowe as chief constable Bill Hixon, an American who moves to Lincolnshire with his 14-year-old daughter to take up the role with East Lincolnshire Police Force.

It was axed after one season.

8:30pm Sunday January 31 on 7TWO.


  1. TasTVcameraman

    Thanks for the info I watched it and I thought it was not great, but better than some other shows. Saying that I am not surprised that it was on 7Two and not on the main channel. Also only a few episodes. I wonder if it will be dumped after a few weeks and put onto 7plus.

  2. I really tried to like this show, but that was awful! (I didn’t last the whole show)
    I think they put the best bits in the promo!
    No wonder it only lasted 6 episodes!

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