Neighbours tackles Change the Date

Next week a Neighbours episode will enter the debate over a push to change Australia Day from January 26.

In the episode Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has withdrawn Lassiters from celebrating Australia Day, but problems arise when a former statement she made was less supportive of change. Terese finds herself accused of being a hypocrite.

“Terese is disappointed by her past statements,” Elmaloglou has told TV Week. “She no longer stands by her comments, but knows she has to take responsibility for the things she’s said. After speaking to Jacinta (Maurial Spearim), she knows that apologising is very important.”

6:30pm Tuesday January 26 on 10 Peach.


  1. Neighbours has been pushing their agendas for 10 years at least now and it certainly doesn’t give a fair argument both ways on topics like australia day. I wonder why therese didn’t mention why january 26 was offensive because the english came in and killed thousands of aboriginals. Why didn’t she say how bad brittish people are for doing this. Oh that’s right the UK is where most viewers watch the show. Hippocrite neighbours writers

  2. TasTVcameraman

    I have been watching this show for some 25 years now, and I refer to the show as the thinking persons Home and Away. I started watching them both and stuck with them both for around 15 years and got angry with Home and Away with flimsy storyline and in particular one actress that I could not stand. I then have only watched Neighbours, about the only thing I watch on commercial TV. Every other show is on ABC TV or SBS and Prime and Acorn plus a bit of Netflix.

  3. It is good that Neighbours is covering this story, and among other different type of topics, of late. The show still has the odd cheesy storyline too. lol. I do watch the show quite regular, and am glad it still airs on at 6.30pm weeknights, even if it is on 10 Peach.

  4. jezza the first original one

    The whole idea of a soap is to be light, fairly brainless and unrealistic tosh. So I don’t see a problem with this “once a year” storyline

  5. First it was the red chewy lollies, then terrible cheese, and now Neighbours has decided to get on the right side of history – well, to be honest Neighbours has been writing inclusive and modern stories for years now.

  6. Neighbours has become a shameless mouthpiece for peddling left-wing politics over the last 3-4 years. I started watching the show again in anticipation of Madeline West’s return back when, but have since been put off by the characters becoming cardboard cut-outs of their former selves, losing virtually all of their nuance.

    In particular, David was much more interesting as a conservative character who was struggling to reconcile his faith and his longing, but they quickly turned him into a dime-a-dozen token who has forfeited the modest disposition of his initial characterisation. It was refreshing to see a character on TV that I was able to identify with (as such characters are seldom seen on TV). Perhaps I am in the minority of SSA people that does not wish to be associated with a certain movement by proxy, which, ironically, keeps people like myself “in the closet”.

    • I’m not sure which dramas you watch but off the top of my head shows like The Sullivans, Packed to the Rafters, Offspring, Grey’s Anatomy, Call the Midwife, Bridgerton, Downtown Abbey all tackle politics and they’ve done pretty well. At last count Neighbours over 35 years.

        • Andrew Mercado

          Exactly – soaps here, and all over the world, have always used their platforms to do some education alongside the entertainment. Even Blue Hills on ABC Radio started because the Government wanted farmers to grow new crops as part of the war recovery!

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