US to adapt Secret Bridesmaids’ Business

2019 Aussie miniseries is getting a US version on NBC.

Aussie miniseries Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, which screened on Seven in 2019, is being adapted by the USA.

It will be known as Ties That Bind by writer Deirdre Shaw  (Jane The Virgin) and produced by Keshet Studios and Universal Television, originally based on Elizabeth Coleman’s stage play and book.  Seven Studios’ Julie McGauran, MaryAnne Carroll and Amanda Crittenden remain in the Executive Producing team.

Ties That Bind is described as a thriller in which three women make a promise to one another that leads them to embark on dangerous secrets that threaten to implode their lives. Facing dire consequences, they must rely on the power of their friendship to survive. The 2019 miniseries series starred Abbie Cornish, Katie McGrath, Georgina Haig and Alexander England.

Peter Traugott, president of Keshet Studios, said: “With its well-crafted relationships and cliff-hanger plot, Seven Studios’ ‘Secret Bridesmaids’ Business’ is compelling viewing. We are delighted to be developing this show for NBC alongside Universal Television.”

The adaptation is also good news for Seven Studios which had recently signalled it was not enthused about the high risks of developing local content.

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