Axed: Totally Wild, Scope

10 swings the axe in Kid's TV, ending Totally Wild after 27 seasons and Scope after 5.

10 has axed long running Kid’s TV shows Totally Wild after 27 seasons.

The series featuring much-loved presenter Ranger Stacey Thomson is based at TVQ Brisbane, and highlights Australian wildlife on 10 Peach.

Kid’s science program Scope is also ending after 5 seasons, spanning some 15 years.

10 says it remains committed to children’s content, but in the area of Drama.

A redundancy program will commence for some members of the Children’s production department, based at TVQ, but it isn’t clear how many jobs are impacted.

In a note to staff Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President, ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We remain committed to creating and producing local children’s content, and we deeply value this team’s work. But our business strategy has evolved to include the development and production of more children’s drama programs.

“The Children’s department will remain an integral part of the programming department and our broader business and will remain based at TVQ.

“Unfortunately, this means we will say goodbye to some incredibly talented colleagues and friends who have made important contributions to our business.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the great work, commitment and enthusiasm the department staff have shown to their jobs and our company. It is in no way a reflection of their talent contribution or passion.”

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  1. I gave sometimes wondered if totally wild would have been a good family friendly filler between 20 news and project at 6pm- could have added some BTN type element to it. I live is regional QLD so do no access to 10 Shake (basically it only in capital cities). How is that new channel meant to have any success if not accessible to the entire country ?????

  2. Sad to see Totally Wild and Scope go. TV shows including TW and Scope provide a lot of science educational resources, particularly aimed for primary school students and lower high school students. Stacey Thomson has been part of Ch10 for 27 years.

  3. A complete travesty. More than ever our children need good quality educational content to feed their young minds.

    I can only guess that these shows will be replaced with their junk food equivalents.

  4. A shame that these shows have been axed – especially Totally Wild, an icon for children’s programs on commercial television. All good things must come to an end, so at a solid 27 years, its time has sadly run its course.

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