Fight for Adelaide News

Mike Smithson joins Rosanna Mangiarelli on Seven as the battle for local news heats up in Adelaide.

The news battle has been heating up in Adelaide recently, leading to new changes from Seven.

Seven News won the week at 104,000 / 94,000 to Nine News’ 90,000 / 87,000.

But Nine won on Saturday and Sunday  (77,000 / 93,000) over Seven (73,000 / 74,000).

It follows a “Made in Adelaide” campaign by Nine last year which drew attention to 10’s bulletin being presented from Melbourne, as well as Seven temporarily shifting the presentation of its 4pm bulletin to Melbourne, during COVID-19.

On the weekend Seven introduced Mike Smithson to now co-anchor weekend bulletins with Rosanna Mangiarelli. A new 30-minute bulletin begins today at 11:30am with Smithson and Mangiarelli to share hosting duties on alternate days.

Meanwhile Seven’s restored local bulletin at 4pm goes up against Hot Seat, leaving The Chase against a 5pm bulletin on Nine and 10.

7NEWS Adelaide News Director, Chris Salter, said: “Since television first started, 7NEWS has invested more and committed more to Adelaide than any other. This is just another step in affirming 7NEWS has consistently delivered to Adelaide more live and local news because some things will never change.”

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  1. What is going on at 7News Adelaide. Two crappy plasma screens stuck together as a background and atrocious lighting. It looks like TV from a tinpot nation. Not Adelaide’s No:1 News. Are they going Digtal at last?

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