Hard Quiz tops entertainment, Holey Moley drops.

The return of Tom Gleeson’s Hard Quiz has caused headaches for commercial reality shows.

Hard Quiz won its slot at 622,000 viewers, leading the entertainment pack.

Travel Guides was next at 600,000, leaving Holey Moley to fall to 543,000 and The Amazing Race Australia at 447,000. While Holey Moley copped a substantial slide from its Monday debut, it still emerged a winner in the demos.

A return by The Weekly with Charlie Pickering also led after 8:30 at 577,000 (notwithstanding reality shows wrapping) followed by the debut of Aftertaste was 479,000.

Seven still led in shares at 27.8% then Nine 25.2%, ABC 19.8%, 10 19.6% and SBS 7.7%.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 3 February 2021


  1. thedirtydigger

    So it appears Seven scores another hole in one with HM…unfortunately the hole is six feet deep and right next to another stupid premise called Pooch Perfect …hard to believe the cost of this brain dead tripe and who really thought it was a good idea ?

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