Holey Moley down, but still leads the pack.

Ratings: Mini-golf show drops some 250,000 viewers in night 2, but still beat Travel Guides & Amazing Race.

Holey Moley dipped in its second outing but still won the coveted 7:30 slot.

Seven’s mini-golf drew 737,000 metro viewers and topped the demos, down from its 983,000 debut. In Perth, where a lockdown is underway, it doubled the competition.

Nine’s Travel Guides followed with 641,000 with The Amazing Race Australia down slightly to 493,000 but ahead of 7:30 (472,000) and Foreign Correspondent (359,000).

The Good Doctor led later at 415,000, defeating a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire special (337,000) then Designing a Legacy (322,000).

Seven News topped the night at 991,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 2 February 2021.

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  1. Didn’t think I’d like Holey Moley but watched on catch up and was quite funny and enjoyed it. Brilliant seeing Agro back on TV. More of that please!!! Matt Shirvington is also a surprise at how good he is at presenting. 7 would be wise to snap him up for more gigs. Have to say though I was a bit concerned at how hard some of the contestants were knocked over by the windmill thing etc knowing how Denise Drysdale was injured on the show. Overall though a nice bit of entertaining, silly and family friendly TV.

  2. Gave HM a second chance but I think that is it. I can’t get past the women contestants being dolled up like metre-maids, and the men obviously selected for novelty value. And very little golf skill required.

    TAR, while restricted by just being here, still a much better show.

  3. Golf? No thanks. Amazing Race? If it wasn’t heavily promoted then I would’ve watched it. It was Travel Guides and Millionaire for me. Shame that the Celebrity specials didn’t rate well, but I do hope to see the original format again, it was amazing and nostalgic. No Hot Seat for me.

  4. Played back Monday nights’ Holey Moley – deleted after 3 minutes I think. A new record, normally we give at least 15 minutes to a new show!

    Each to their own though, our taste is definitely not representative of the ratings panel. At least they’re doing something new and different, it’s been MKR this time of year for the last 11 years.

    1. Agree ! Watched Ep 1 on Catchup last night, out of curiosity to see what all the hype was about.
      Absolutely atrocious ! Rates as one of the worst shows I think I’ve ever seen.
      Perservered to the end to see if it might improve but only got worse. Won’t be watching again.
      Appears most viewers felt the same, judging by the mainly negative response on Holey Moley’s and Channel 7’s facebook page. So yes, very puzzling that Ep 2 appeared to have rated as well as it did.

  5. Hello, First time commenting long time viewer of Tv Tonight. I have to say I am absolutely stunned that Holey Moley continues to lead the tv ratings. I’ve been watching The Amazing Race Australia, and judging by most of the online comments on social media The Amazing Race Australia is winning over Holey Moley.

  6. I’m really enjoying The Amazing Race. Beau has brought his own spin to it and I’m enjoying him as the host. Even though it dipped in viewers, it improved in the demos. Haven’t watched and Holey Moley yet.

    1. Was great to see Agro last night. Brings you back to your childhood morning cartoon shows, watched later after watching amazing race which I enjoyed last night even though such an early non elimination episode.

  7. Bit of a weird choice to have so many holes repeat already on Holey Moley, but it makes sense when you figure they have to stretch it out over nine episodes.

    That can’t be good for The Amazing Race though, to start at rock bottom and still find a way to go down.

  8. I was watching Amazing Race mainly to see them running around Gold Coast where I live. Hard to like it after being a big fan of the American version. Turned over just in time to see Agro on Holey Moley, he was very funny. Would love to know what was going through Rob Riggles mind while watching him lol

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